You ask me where I got this great T-shirt with a comic book with Titus. Let me explain

If you are going to the Electronics Show, be sure to bring at least PLN 10 with you. Then you will be able to create a personalized T-shirt with Tytys, Romek and A'Tomek.

Why were these heroes chosen? For a simple reason. The main partner of the Electronics Show is the Media Markt network, which uses its image in its marketing campaign. A popular chain of electronics stores has several stands at the party, and one of them can be made with such a T-shirt.

How does it look like?

Very simply. Just approach the stand, choose your pattern on the shirt and enter the text that will be in the comic balloon. The length of the text, depending on the chosen pattern, is limited to several dozen characters.

Then, reverse the form, choose the gender and size of the shirt, and sign. Later, give the form to a person from the service and throw at least 10 zlotys to the ballot box, the contents of which will go to the Fundacja Serce Dziecka im. Diny Radziwiłłowa. Then you will receive a number allowing you to receive a T-shirt.

Then just wait an hour and take the shirt.

I have already picked my own and, what can I say, it looks phenomenal. The size has been chosen correctly, I can not complain about the quality of the material and printing. This is definitely one of the best souvenirs that will remain after the Electronics Show. You should also buy it.

You ask me where I got this great T-shirt with a comic book with Titus. Let me explain


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