Whether we like it or not - we will not run away from JavaScript

Skill Up Report is a yearly report on the software development industry. The report being the basis for the report is attended by 20,000 respondents from over 100 countries. It can therefore be considered a good cross-section through software development.

What results from the part of the report devoted to the development of web applications? Both in terms of desirable skills and as the most commonly used technologies, JavaScript is mentioned.

This interpreted and high-level language is now experiencing its renaissance as a universal tool used in both front-end and server-side projects, and even for the creation of mobile applications.

The weakness of the language at first was his ... name. It suggested a similarity to Java or being a weaker version of it. This caused a lot of misunderstanding - especially among non-technical people and among less competent recruiters. JavaScript gained this name at the last minute - during the creation of the sequentially called Mocha and LiveScript, to be renamed to the final name in September 1995.

The unchallenged ruler of the network

JavaScript has become the most popular language in web technologies, as well as one of the indigenous technologies thanks to which there are modern websites. The trio in the form of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is at the moment the foundation creating every web application we use.

Thanks to the fact that JavaScript implements many programming paradigms, we can use it as both object-oriented and functional language. Endowed with a lot of simplicity and the ease of starting an adventure with him, he is a good example of a language used to learn programming. I encourage everyone - you do not have to be a programmer at once - but the ability to program a simple automation thanks to eg the Node.js script will make you work more efficiently and faster. Let's start with the basics.

Thanks to cooperation with Udemy, we can often present readers interesting courses at good prices. It's no different starting with learning JavaScript - JavaScript course - start creating dynamic websites and applications is one of the courses that was created by a Polish instructor in a professional studio. It matters - we listen to a clear Polish speaking voice instead of reading the subtitles.

JavaScript course - start creating dynamic websites and applications gives us access to as many as 11 hours of lectures, and we can buy it for 34.99 PLN. Initial lessons will lead us through language functions, but real gems are hidden in the second half of the course. We will find there as many as five practical projects and the Tips and Tricks section in JavaScript, where practical questions are gathered that every beginner has (which JavaScript player did not have a question for conditional attribution or comparison of dates?).

The author of the course is Piotr Palarz, and it was created in the well-known Polish studio EduWeb.

The next step - advanced topics in JavaScript

A good complement to knowledge is another course titled JavaScript - learn about advanced techniques . According to the name, it is intended for those who want to supplement the knowledge gained in the first course, or are already advanced enough that they are looking for new challenges.

The subject is already more complex. We start with issues related to objectivity: we will learn how to create own constructors of objects and how to declare multiple inheritance. Then we will get to know some issues related to the practical application of JavaScript in applications: the next section is dedicated to AJAX, that is writing asynchronous websites that allow dynamic and comfortable communication with the user and cookies (cookies).

Similarly to the first of the mentioned courses, in JavaScript - learn about advanced techniques, the second part is devoted to advanced tricks - in this case, they are good practices of working with JavaScript (including the code linotype) and practical tips like copying the object or reloading images in the background . The whole will now also get for PLN 34.99.

As always at Udemy, we can learn at any pace, at any time, and the purchase is accompanied by a comfortable awareness that within 30 days we can cancel the purchase and get the money back. The risk of a failed purchase is virtually non-existent. However, if we decide to go through the purchased course, in addition to the acquired knowledge and satisfaction, we will also receive a certificate of completion of the training.

* The material was created in cooperation with the Udemy brand.

Whether we like it or not - we will not run away from JavaScript


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