Where to throw away the apple core, and where is the tea bag?

Sometimes I stand in front of the sorting containers and I am about to throw something into one of the baskets when my fear is paralyzing. Are you the right one? The question starts in my head - can I throw a math notebook into a paper container without pulling out staples? Is the tea bag biodegradable, paper or mixed?

The idea of ​​throwing different types of waste into various containers has already been 2 years and recently entered into early teen time. The one that causes a lot of confusion in everyone, asking the Internet embarrassing questions and change of mind (who does not know a teenager, swearing that he has been killing the whole house with hiphop ironically for a year, and in his heart he has always been a metal). Adults Poles in the face of bags become defenseless like their children in the face of choosing a case for a smartphone. The question is the same: which color to choose?

How to segregate rubbish ?

The rules are theoretically simple . Biodegradable waste, i.e. all kinds of peelings, leftovers of food (no bones), spoiled fruit, throw into a brown container. We put the papers into blue, metals and plastics up to yellow.

The bottles that you still find after the picnic together with another glass land in green. Into the mixed we throw in everything that is unsuitable for re-processing and use.

The devil, as the devil, is in the details.

The matter is a bit more complicated in the case of the objects we look at and we do not know under which article the material actually falls. PAP asked representatives of the Ministry of the Environment , where to put the waste, which most often causes anxiety and consternation on the segregating faces.

Where to throw coffee grounds, styrofoam, pots?

After drinking your morning coffee, you can empty your cup in a container for biodegradable waste with a clear conscience. They also land tea dregs (but not a bag), egg shells, and even leftover soup, which you put into the corner of the fridge last Friday and just discovered that a new life is born in it. You can not throw away the edible oil, dog or cat food, meat and treasures that your vacuum cleaner has sucked in. It is also worth considering what to throw in waste and do not throw it into the spoiled Italian bio in a plastic package.

The category metals and plastics can cause more problems, because we do not always know what can be done. You can throw out the foil and aluminum lids, pots and baking sheets, caps and jars from the jars, rubber and rubber, Styrofoam, sachets and plastic cosmetics packaging. Let the heavenly hand defend us against putting batteries, plastic containers for fat products, as well as packaging of paints, oils, varnishes and aerosols.

The blue container for paper probably has the least problems. We throw out leaflets, newspapers and notebooks distributed there, which are good news, you do not need to pick out staples with your hands. We do not throw in greasy papers. Pizza boxes can land there completely, only if by some miracle they are not dirty, otherwise we peel off a greasy piece, we load it into mixed waste, and then the rest into papers.

With glass, the case is also quite simple. They get here all the ointments without bottle caps and jars. Pots, spectacle and heat-resistant glasses, as well as light bulbs and packaging for medicines, solvents and motor oils, do not go there. Importantly, glass and mirrors should not be put in a glass container.

All the rest of everyday rubbish gets into the mixed waste, which does not mean that we throw everything here. There is no room for dimensions, construction waste, batteries, medicines and all kinds of electro-waste. All these things can be handed over to specially designated points in the city or municipality.

Changes in the waste sorting system have already come into force in some municipalities , while in others the old guidelines still apply. Therefore, it is best to go to the municipality's website in case of doubt and look for answers to bothering junk questions.

Where to throw away the apple core, and where is the tea bag?


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