When the Polish publisher makes a sale on the Switch, it is overpowered

Cenega, Techland, CDP - every Polish player knows these distributors. However, not everyone knows that other domestic publishers are thriving in our country, noting gigantic profits. One of them is Forever Entertainment, which just launched a wonderful sale on the Nintendo Switch. Realpolitiks for PLN 10? I did not have to think for a long time.

Forever Entertainment has released an impressive 39 games for the Nintendo Switch. Of course, these are not the productions of a format like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey. I do not doubt, however, that from among a wide range of programs, every player will find something for themselves. Especially now, when the Polish publisher organized a gigantic, really profitable sale.

We will buy most Forever Entertainment games on the Nintendo Switch console for a few (for) zlotys.

The discounted titles include Realpolitiks - a strategy inspired by Civilization and Hearts of Iron, in which the player carries out dominance of one of the modern states. The third world war is perfectly possible, but sometimes the economy and technology are more important than the army. For the price of PLN 10 I bought the strategy without even thinking about it. Especially that this one was released together with DLC New Power.

Another interesting offer are two correct first-person horror movies - Hollow and Phantaruk. The games cost 7 and 4 zlotys, respectively. The price of the hammer was also a quite popular Sparkle arcade series, involving the consumption of smaller organisms, development and escape from larger predators. The price of each pageview is 4 zlotys with pennies.

The Violett adventure game, which now costs 4 zlotys, has also got a powerful price cut. We will pay the same for the cooperative shooter NoReload Heroes , in which we can play together with three friends in front of one screen. Unfortunately, as for the anger, neither of the two Forever games I hunt for - Hard West and The Mahjong Huntress - was not overrated. A full list of all discounted Polish publisher games for the Nintendo Switch console can be found by visiting eShop from the console. The promotion for Forever Entertainment lasts until May 29.

Forever Entertainment with a million PLN profit for the last quarter.

FE was founded in 2010, initially as producers of video games. The company specializes in publishing applications for mobile iOS and Android systems. The crucial moment for Forever came in 2015, when the entity moved to the new headquarters and took on the goal of the game for new generation consoles. The presence of the publisher has become particularly visible on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

In the first quarter of 2019, the company recorded revenues of PLN 2.5 million, as well as a net profit of PLN 996 thousand. The company has already released over 90 games, of which almost half went to the new Nintendo console. Many previous titles in the FE portfolio have sold over 100,000 copies. In the coming weeks and months, the publisher will bring on the Switch such titles as infernal Agony, Hollow 2, Sparkle 4 and turn-based Phantom Doctrine.

When the Polish publisher makes a sale on the Switch, it is overpowered


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