What instead of Huawei? We suggest what to choose instead of a smartphone from China

The future of Huawei smartphones is unclear and many people who were planning to buy a new phone of a Chinese company until yesterday are now thinking about the alternative to avoid unpleasant disappointment. What to choose instead of Huawei?

If the ban of the US government persists and Google actually cuts off Huawei from its software, it will be a huge loss for the entire mobile device market; especially in Poland, where Huawei enjoys great popularity and consumer recognition.

So far, however, the situation is very unclear. The Department of Commerce has temporarily repealed the total ban for 90 days to allow Huawei to update Android and close its affairs, but it is still unclear what will happen when these three months of "grace" come to an end.


It is no wonder that many people who have so far considered purchasing a Huawei smartphone, prefer to buy with the purchase in order to avoid that the newly purchased smartphone will be cut off from new software versions.

We suggest what models of other companies are a worthy alternative to top Huawei devices.

What if not Huawei P30 Pro or Mate 20 Pro ?


I threw the two most expensive smartphones of the company into one bag, because they cost almost the same and offer almost exactly the same possibilities. This is the cream of the Chinese offer - the highest performance and probably the best cameras on the market, enclosed in stylish housings. What can you replace such successful models?

My first offer is the new OnePlus 7 Pro . He does not have such good cameras as Huaweie, but he compensates for the deficiencies with a large, beautiful screen without indentation, as well as efficiency and smoothness of work piercing the majority of Android smartphones. In addition, OnePlus offers the best overlay on Android, Oxygen OS, which is far ahead of EMUI by its usability and aesthetics.

However, if someone is concerned that the American ban may extend to other Chinese brands , you should also consider the Samsung Galaxy S10 + , although you will have to pay for it much more cash than for Chinese smartphones.

What if not Huawei P30 ?

The smaller and slightly cheaper Huawei P30 (without Pro) basically has no corresponding rival. It could be LG G8 if it had already debuted in Poland, but otherwise only one player - Samsung Galaxy S10e - plays on the similar price level .

Deciding on the smallest family of new Galaxy S, we get as good a screen and marginally only worse camera than the Huawei P30, but also a weaker battery.

Cheaper by nearly PLN 1000, but LGG7 last year may be no less interesting alternative. Despite a longer internship on the market is still a great smartphone, which today we can buy at a very attractive price.

However, if the last year's smartphone is not what we are looking for, Xiaomi Mi 9 or more expensive than it is worth PLN 500 OnePlus 7 - here again, we face a dilemma whether it is wise to buy any smartphone from China in the current situation.

What if you do not Huawei P30 Lite ?


The average price range would be the most noticeable lack of Huawei. In this segment, Huawei is brilliant, especially in the operator's sales, where previous models from the "lite" series break all records. It is not easy to find a replacement for such a model.

In the "around 1600 PLN" category, the only reasonably meaningful rivals of the Huawei P30 Lite are the Samsung Galaxy A50 or Galaxy A9, although one must honestly admit that neither one nor the other is a successful device like the Huawei P30 Lite.

In addition to two Koreans in a similar league, there is only one new smartphone worth attention and this is the Xiaomi Pocophone F1. Again, however, this is a Chinese product. And although nothing indicates that the United States has extended the ban on cooperation, the specter of this possibility still hangs over Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

What if you do not Huawei Mate 20 Lite ?


The Mate 20 Lite, which costs about PLN 1200, has only two major rivals in its segment - Motorola (which is also Chinese) and ... itself, in the form of the Honor brand.

Looking for a replacement for Mate 20 Lite, or any phone at around PLN 1200, I would choose the new One Vision Motorola today. If only the American ban does not affect other manufacturers, Motorola has the opportunity to gain the most from the disappearance of Huawei smartphones from the market, and the new One Vision is definitely worth attention.

The sad truth is that the price of up to PLN 1200 worth of non-Chinese smartphones is virtually absent. The only outstanding producer in this segment from outside the Middle Kingdom is Asus, with ZenFone 5Z and ZenFone Max Pro M2 models costing from 1200 to 1500 PLN .

What if not Huawei P Smart ?


Here we have a situation where Huawei competes only with other Chinese people. PLN 900 can only be reasonably spent on Honora, Xiaomi or Motorola products. The best-looking alternative for Huawei P Smart is currently Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, or Motorola Moto G7 Power, if the priority is long working time on a single charge.

If, however, it was not to be Chinese, it must be in Taiwanese - Asus ZenFone Max M2 is probably the only really worth less than PLN 900 offer. The rest are either not very significant b-brandies, or not very successful products from leading brands.

Finding an alternative to Huawei makes one thing clear - the American ban can be devastating for the middle shelf.

If we assume the blackest scenario, in which the ban is extended to other smartphones of Chinese origin, the segment below PLN 1,600 will be literally depleted. Even removing only Huaweia and Honora from it, we receive the option of choosing the objectively the best devices in its class.

With all the tragedy of the situation, I hope that other producers see this state of affairs and begin to understand how Chinese brands have jumped up on these price shelves, where you have to give as much as possible for as little money as possible. Because, unfortunately, the same brands that offer great devices on higher price levels, on medium and lower shelves are simply knocked out by Chinese products, with Huawei at the forefront.

What instead of Huawei? We suggest what to choose instead of a smartphone from China


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