What if Huawei is just the beginning?

Like a bolt from the clear sky, a message that the whole world lives today, not only a part of it interested in new technologies - Google suspended cooperation with Huawei. What, however, if Huawei is not over?

Everything about the atomic bomb , which can fall on the entire consumer electronics market (and not only) you will learn from the set of texts that you will find under this link .

Here, however, let's sketch the darkest scenario for the mobile market. What if - purely hypothetically - Huawei as a beating boy for Donald Trump's administration is not enough, and the ban on cooperation will also cover other Chinese brands available on the international market? What if - just hypothetically - Google's services will also disappear from smartphones from other manufacturers?

Here is a list of important Chinese brands available in Poland, which - purely hypothetically - may be under American fire if China and the United States do not come to an agreement sooner.


The brand, which has been adored by Polish consumers, has been officially available in Poland for only three years and is only just starting up. Sales rooms are created, the distributor tempts with promotions , and the Xiaomi smartphones are slowly beginning to break into the consciousness of the average consumer, who is not a technological nerd.

Without a doubt, it is the loss of Xiaomi - right after Huawei - would hurt the Polish consumer the most. Xiaomi is fortunately in a good position to keep Google's services on his smartphones - after all, he has in his portfolio models belonging to the Android One program. Well, unless Google ... decides to kill this program. But this is another story.


Oppo Find X

The career of the Chinese giant on the Vistula River began only a few months ago, and the phantom of Google's ban is already hanging over it. It would be a great pity for the Polish and European consumer, because although Oppo smartphones are not very advantageous over competition devices, they are a real breath of freshness in the ossified market.

Just look at such equipment as Oppo Find X or Oppo Reno . They do not break the popularity records, but they do excitement for the smartphone market with what exotic cars for the automotive industry are.


Yes, you see well. If the ban was to cover Oppo, it will also cover the remaining parts of BBK Electronics: Vivo, Realme and OnePlus.

It would be a terribly painful blow for the whole world of mobile technologies, because it is the OnePlus that offers the best priced devices in relation to the possibilities, and the last premiere of OnePlus 7 Pro has shamed the biggest rivals. In addition, fans agree that it was OnePlus that proposed the best variation on Android on their smartphones. Yes, for many the Oxygen OS pad even raises the pure Green Robot from Google.


The brand with an American pedigree is now entirely owned by Chinese Lenovo, so - purely hypothetical - the possible suspension of cooperation between Google and the Chinese would also include it.

The exclusion of Motorola from the Polish landscape of store shelves and operator's offers, together with the removal of Huawei and Honory from them, would mean an almost complete death of a noteworthy middle shelf. In the category up to 1000 and up to PLN 1,500, it is Huawei, Honor and Motorola that offer the Polish consumer the most, especially against the background of non-identical Samsung, LG or Sony.

Motorola, like Xiaomi, has the advantage of participating in the Android One program. But would it mean anything if the darkest scenario happened? We do not know that.


This brand has never gained such a wide recognition as Xiaomi, and I have the impression that despite a longer internship on the Polish market is even less recognizable than Oppo. However, this does not change the fact that benchmark and numbers enthusiasts are behind the wall because Meizu smartphones offer the performance of top devices at an affordable price .

Personally, I would not cry, but certainly there will be a large group of people who would shed a tear over such a loss.


ZTE in Poland exists only theoretically, but it is worth noting. The company did not manage to win the hearts of our countrymen, does not brilliant in the operator's sales, and on store shelves we will meet it among the cheapest devices, although the manufacturer's portfolio also includes interesting high-end devices, such as the Axon series.

ZTE, however, is under the greatest threat of "shooting" by Google, after all, the company was in the US administration targeting before Huawei hit him. As reported by The New York Times , the sanctions imposed by the US government in 2016 (which the company has not yet fulfilled) have led the Chinese player to the brink of bankruptcy. It would be for them - purely hypothetically - to nail the coffin to stop cooperating with Google.

Would you use these smartphones without Google services?

Maciej Gajewski asked about it in the context of Huawei for the opening of the week, and I raise the question - would you use Google's services on the Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlusa, Motorola, Meizu or ZTE devices, would you still use them?

I have the impression that in this case the answer is slightly different than in the case of Huawei. Fans of Xiaomi or Meizu have been coping over the years by uploading to Custom ROMs and bypassing the lack of Google services before the devices of companies became officially available to us. I feel something that if - purely hypothetically - Google on these smartphones would suddenly run out, there would be amateurs, which would not scare away at all.

There is no point in cheating - we are talking about a handful of enthusiasts. If on the smartphones of the aforementioned companies the Google services were to be missing, in the eyes of European consumers they would simply cease to exist.

Let's hope that the black scenario will not come true, and - otherwise good - devices from Chinese manufacturers will still remain on the market, equipped with Google's version of Android and its services.

What if Huawei is just the beginning?


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