What can the US do for PLN 1200? 351 words about the QNAP TS-351 network drive

Simple solutions deserve simple descriptions. QNAP TS-351 is one of the cheapest NAS's in the manufacturer's portfolio and one of the cheapest three-matrix network matrices in general. Here are 351 words that will tell you if it is worth buying.

QNAP TS-351 was created for typically home applications, perhaps with a slight nod to home offices. In the basic configuration (without attached disks) it costs less than PLN 1200 for which we receive:

  • Three bays for a 3.5 "drive
  • Two M.2 sockets for SSD drives
  • 2 GB of RAM, which we can independently extend to 8 GB
  • Intel Celeron J1800 2.41 GHz dual-core processor

The matrix is ​​clearly designed to be used in RAID 5 mode - parts of files are scattered between disks, so when one of them falls, the rest is intact. Of course, you can also use RAID 1 and RAID 0 configurations.

When it comes to replacing the drive, you will have to dismantle the casing - you can not do it "hot", as in the QNAP TS-251 + model . Fortunately, just remove the three screws to remove the housing.

QNAP TS-351 with snapshot mechanism allows you to defend against Ransomware attacks

What can QNAP TS-351 do?

The same as other QNAPs. It can be used as a private cloud, as a home multimedia server, monitoring controller or safe place for files, allowing you to secure, among others, against blackmailing software .

With each of the tasks QNAP TS-351 performs excellently, although in 2019 I would like to finally see a bit more powerful processor and a tad more RAM in the standard, because after all, the system sometimes lacks performance.

QNAP TS-351 with snapshot mechanism allows you to defend against Ransomware attacks

Since I'm complaining, it's a pity that the TS-351 does not work a bit more quietly. Cooling itself is not super-loud, but NAS does not seem to be pecking for no apparent reason. Noise, combined with the lack of an attached remote for multimedia, does not really encourage you to put this equipment in the living room near the TV set.

It is also a pity that the Ethernet port is not ten-gigabit, and the rear USB connectors are only 2.0 (in front we have USB 3.0). In 2019, even in the cheapest matrix, the standard should be USB 3.1. We have an HDMI 1.4a connector and an audio output.

Who is QNAP TS-351 for?

Although the list of device capabilities is very long, considering the price and nature of the TS-351, I would recommend it primarily as a backup tool, as a private cloud and a tool for controlling home monitoring.

In other applications, the TS-351 does well, but not outstandingly. But in the above three, especially in this price category, it falls out splendidly and will definitely leave the buyer with a sense of well-spent money.

What can the US do for PLN 1200? 351 words about the QNAP TS-351 network drive


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