We re going to a sexual paradise

Contemporary discussions about robotization mostly concern the presence of machines in our workplaces. And yet our life is not only a job, but also the search for closeness, emotions, communication with others. And all this applies to the sphere of erotica, among others. Are we waiting for a sexual revolution in Artificial Intelligence?

In the loud film "Ex Machina" we look at the feeling that is born between a man and an artificially constructed beauty. The extraordinary, humanoid character from the film by Alex Garland arouses our fascination, because like us - expresses emotions, asks questions, becomes a partner for discussion. It moves neatly to all this, and what is important - it is not devoid of sexual attractiveness.

The entire film plot refers primarily to the interesting question of future relationships between people and machines. Relations that can become more and more complex, housing a huge scale of emotions, desires and fears.

What can a perfect lover do?

The fact that the machine can effectively work on our erotic imagination is known not only by filmmakers. Before our eyes, the entire branch of industry is born associated with entertainment and physical pleasures. The idea of ​​a machine, sex or a doll - as a sexual gadget - is of course nothing new. However, only a few years ago, the creators of erotic inventions are beginning to think about how to improve sexual products using the latest technologies.

I realize that the idea of ​​a machine as a lover is controversial and may arouse opposition among many readers. However, at this point I would like to draw attention to only a few aspects of the whole idea, deliberately omitting the problem of the spiritual condition of our species. I am not saying that the vision of a sexual robot in our bedrooms is somehow very attractive for the issue of spiritual-erotic fulfillment, but in this area I see issues that I find intriguing.

Move like a man

The erotic industry faces challenges similar to those that have long occupied the minds of technologists from serious research laboratories. In the laboratories dealing with Artificial Intelligence, the opinion is that the turning point for the development of the entire technological trend will be the moment when we will learn how to create devices capable of imitating people's movements. While creating algorithms that allow the computer to win the game of chess and the Chinese game "go" turned out to be possible, it is a great challenge to build a robot that can move like a human.

It turns out that for modern technology, it is impossible to overcome the limit of a device whose motor skills will be comparable to the movements of a three-year-old child. And if this problem remains unresolved, then the idea of ​​creating a perfect sexual partner who could replace a human being as a lover - is a fantasy.

A touch of sensitive artificial skin

There are several other technical limitations that will make life difficult for the creators of modern erotic gadgets. Future sexrobots, to pursue the idea of ​​erotic perfection, would have to become a mix of several innovative areas: nanotechnology, natural language understanding and engineering.

The biggest part in experiencing erotic pleasure has human skin and touch. In this context, it is modern research on synthetic skin that is proving intriguing. Engineers from the companies Caltech and ETH Zurich have managed to carry out tests of synthetic leather, which is capable of experiencing a large scale of temperatures.

It can be perfectly effective in clinical cases, for example in the situation of people who have suffered limb injuries and even amputations. The pectin present in plant cells is responsible for the mechanism of temperature sensation in this case.

Researchers who discovered the properties of this ingredient have created a thin, transparent, flexible film with a thickness of 20 micrometres. Such a membrane feels the temperature, using the mechanism used by vipers, which during the night hunts are able to feel the temperature of the approaching victims.

The new skin can sense changes in the temperature range of approximately 5 to 50 degrees Celsius. Pectin sensors can be used in industrial applications, for example as thermal sensors or skins used to increase the interaction between ... robots! In the latter case, artificial skin becomes nothing more than a tool that triggers reactions to the approach of another machine. And this mechanism is easy to use in a situation of potential sexual interaction in which the partners are robot and human.

We're going to a sexual paradise

There are many scenarios about future sex on the web today. Many of them also have a surprisingly positive tone. A good example are the considerations of Laura Brendan, who in the Wall Street Journal shared her thoughts about this sphere. Her article " The Future of Sex: It Gets Better " can be considered a manifestation of optimism and joy when it comes to the issue of sex in the future.

The conclusion of her deliberations is unambiguously optimistic. The author claims that only now - thanks to new technologies, we will be able to experience real erotic joy. Times go by when additional sexual stimulation meant only contact with pornographic content. Technological breakthrough means that not only the sense of sight will be engaged to strengthen the pleasure.

According to Laura Brendan, the achievements of the neurobiology of sex will lead to the ability to stimulate the brain so that we can experience sexual pleasure regardless of physical contact. "Imagine you get involved in anything from the foreplay to the weirdest fantasies, stimulating your partner with just one mouse click, even if you're in a different city or country," Brendan writes.

For many of us this is not a convincing or attractive vision, because there is a psychological boundary that is difficult to cross. The situation may look different from the perspective of people with disabilities. The sex problem of this social group has recently been discussed more and more.

The discussion about the project implemented in Sweden and the Czech Republic - enough to employ full-time sexual therapists whose task is to help people who are immobilized or who have physical dysfunctions that prevent sexual satisfaction - has rebounded widely in the media.

Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine that the beneficiaries of the sexual and technological revolution that may be waiting for us will be these people. I imagine, for example, that having sex with a close person who can not come to us because she is immobilized like us can be a joyful experience. Even when special software accompanies it.

Cool machine look

Personally, I consider the issue of communication to be a limitation for this whole sphere. Although the presence of assistants who are able to actively respond to our questions (Siri) will be more and more noticeable in our lives, it is hard for me to imagine that virtual software (or machine), thanks to which our bodies will be able to receive sexual stimuli, will enable us to receive the full spectrum of verbal and non-verbal signals accompanying the approximation.

At an intimate moment, looking into the eyes of our partner, we see emotions, devotion, feelings and love in them. That is everything that is an integral part of deep sexual contact. So I do not think that we will ever live to the moment when we see the expanding pupils of the machine we invited to the bedroom.

On the other hand, I am convinced by the view that the times are approaching when for the first time we will be able to talk about completely safe and risk-free sex. And I also realize that eroticism is a world of diverse fantasies and needs for many of us. What perhaps means that the participation of Artificial Intelligence in this sphere will turn out to be interesting and surprising. A lot ahead of us.

Norbert Biedrzycki

Head of Services CEE, Microsoft. Manages Microsoft services in 36 countries, their scope includes business consulting and technology consulting, in particular in such areas as big data and artificial intelligence, business applications, cybersecurity, premium services and cloud. Formerly as the Vice President of Digital McKinsey responsible for the CEE region and services combining strategic consulting and implementation of advanced IT solutions. From comprehensive digital transformation through rapid deployment of business applications, big data solutions and analyzes, business applications of artificial intelligence to blockchain and IoT solutions. Prior to that, Norbert was the President of the Management Board and CEO of Atos Polska, he was also the head of ABC Data SA and the President of the Management Board and CEO of Sygnity SA. Previously he worked at McKinsey as a partner, he was the director of consulting services and Oracle business development.

Norbert's passion is the latest technologies of robotization, application of artificial intelligence, blockchains, VR and AR, Internet of Things, and their impact on the economy and society. You can read more about this on Norbert's blog .

We're going to a sexual paradise


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