Three runners, over a month of preparation. It s time for a great summary

Three runners. Three identical sports watches. Over a month of exhausting trainings under the supervision of a professional trainer. Three challenging races. What came out of it? It's time to summarize the Watch My Way project.

A few weeks ago, three people were selected from the group of eager runners - Dawid, Michał and Karolina. Each of them received a set of sports equipment from Huawei - Huawei Watch GT Active, Huawei Smart Scale and Huawei Sport headphones. Each of them also went under the care of coach Wojciech Staszewski, and had a month to prepare for his next competition, testing the occasion, watch, weight and headphones.

Now the time has finally come to look at the final results of the players.

Dawid - a new personal record for 10 km!

Equal 37 minutes - this took Dawid 10 km, and it is a better time by 19 seconds than his current record.

What has made it possible to improve your previous life so far? In addition to the plan carefully chosen by Wojciech Staszewski - a set of equipment that helped in monitoring whether the plan is implemented correctly and how it affects the body. There were a few surprises here.

One of them took place during the last training before the start. David was supposed to run slowly and for only half an hour, but instead he ran much faster and for over an hour. Analysis of data from the Huawei Watch GT Active showed, however, that the heart rate during the run was so low that the activity was not as much a challenge and a burden to him as it might seem at first. And the Huawei TruSeen 3.0 optical heart rate sensor in the Watch GT Active already at earlier stages of preparation confirmed that you can rely on it and you do not have to run with uncomfortable chest pulse bands.

Additionally, during each workout, after the first few minutes, the runner receives a notification on the watch regarding his current preparation status. Combining this with data including on the subject of the required regeneration time (also available from the level of the watch), we can modify the plan ourselves, eg by lengthening or shortening the training, or changing its intensity. As it turned out during the final race, the measurements from the Huawei Watch GT Activy proved to be true - longer training did not prevent Dawid from achieving a great result. Who knows - maybe even helped in this.

Dawid also drew attention to one of Huawei Watch GT Active features, which is said to be far too few. The Huawei sports watch has two large and comfortable physical buttons that definitely make it easier to use during the activity. Most smart watches and some sports watches are only operated using a touch screen, which raises a lot of problems even during winter workouts or when we have dirty or sweaty hands. For Huawei Watch GT Active, none of these situations is a problem.

Of course, if you want, the menu displayed on the large, readable AMOLED screen can be operated by touch. Any active person will certainly appreciate such a hybrid service.

You can read more about the results of three runners and the entire Watch My Way campaign at this address.

Watch GT Active also worked great as David's companion and assistant during all training sessions. The runner liked not only the exact heart rate and pace measurement, but also detailed data on the current condition given later in the Huawei Health application - incl. VO2max. Combining this with data from the weight of the Huawei Smart Scale, you can determine to a large extent whether the workout brings the expected results, and whether, for example, our body is not dehydrated.

The Huawei Health app itself is a real data mine not only for athletes, but also for people who are just beginning to work on improving their condition. Inside one program we will find detailed measurements and summaries of almost all relevant parameters - from the number of daily steps and distance traveled, through detailed data on the quality and length of our sleep (collected by Huawei Watch GT Active), to such details of our activities as running or the impact of the exercise on our performance. So if we train alone, we can try to optimize our training calendar based on this information. If, however, we run under the care of a trainer, it is enough to show him the history of our achievements so that he can draw the right conclusions and create a dedicated training plan for us.

Karolina - time for regeneration

Caroline unfortunately did not manage to beat his current life result during the start in the half-marathon. The final result at 1:55:25 is definitely below her expectations.

What was the reason for the worse than expected start? First of all, lack of proper regeneration, despite the fact that Huawei Watch Active GT after each subsequent training indicated the longer and longer required rest periods. Karolina was painfully convinced that it is not always possible to successfully combine demanding training at the gym with an aggressive running workout - and yet in the preparatory period she also started in the marathon.

And such overtraining unfortunately did not make me feel during the final race. Karolina did not feel well, the run started slowly, and she decided to accelerate only a few times, fearing that there might be no strength on the route. Probably, if she had a closer look at what rest period she was proposing to Watch GT Active between the trainings, and followed these recommendations, the final result would be definitely better.

The more so because with the help of Huawei Watch GT Active and Huawei Health application, we can comprehensively monitor the regeneration process of our body. On the one hand, after each training we get information about how many hours at least we should rest before the next intensive training. On the other hand, our heart rate is monitored all the time, thanks to which we can additionally check whether the resting heart rate is rising relative to the standard level, which means exhaustion of the body. Added to this is the sleep analysis - Huawei Health can also offer solutions that can help us improve the quality of our sleep.

Karolina is not going to give up, however. She plans to draw conclusions from her previous experience and data she has obtained, and to regain full joy of running. Undoubtedly, it will be helped not only by the Huawei Watch Active GT, which performed well in measuring the heart rate of the wrist, even despite its small size, but also the Huawei Sport handset. According to Karolina - who has already tested many different devices of this type - they are one of the best sports headphones. With fantastic sound quality, as well as a high level of comfort, offered even by the lack of redundant cables that interfere with running.

Michał - better result by ... 12 minutes!

The most impressive improvement from all participants of the Watch My Way project was Michał. His result - and during the demanding half-marathon in the Rospuda Valley - was 12 minutes better than it was obtained so far. Although it was not possible to overcome the barrier of 2 hours, and the final result was 2:08:56, the coach Wojciech Staszewski is convinced that this should be done by Michał very soon.

Michał spent the whole month intensely using both the Huawei Watch GT Active and Huawei Smart Scale. The former provided the trainer with information on what elements the runner needs to improve as soon as possible. The key term was hard to measure against the eye , and for which the watch is able to make very precise measurements and detect all imperfections. Fast and effective GPS - Michał even compared it to the much more expensive watches of friends - it was ideally suited to monitor the pace of the race, especially during longer, quieter runs. This is important because in the case of training at the pace - and such a trainer asked Michał - we have to be sure all the time that the data provided by the watch is accurate. Otherwise, our training will turn into a race chaos, and the result measured during the official start may be completely different from the one we expected, and for which we ran.

Fortunately, Michał did not have to be afraid during training and competition with Huawei Watch GT Active. The watch uses three geolocation systems - GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, which allows faster and more accurate location. In addition, this solution does not affect the work time on one charge. With location and pulse registration enabled, Watch GT Active can last up to 22 hours.

The scale of the Huawei Smart Scale was to help Michał reduce the unnecessary mass. It was extremely important that the weight is able to determine not only the weight of the body, but also its composition, with the distinction of even fat tissue and muscle mass. Why is it important? In the case of the simplest weights, we only receive information about our weight - we do not know if losing a pound we lose fat, which is our goal, or maybe we burn muscles and, for example, change the diet.

In the case of the Huawei Smart Scale, this problem does not exist. And although, in theory, Michał did not lose training or a kilogram for a month, in practice he did a lot for his body. Huawei Smart Scale shows that increased muscle mass, which is the result of training of running strength.

If Michał did not have such weight, he could come to the conclusion that all the trainings were in vain, because after all, the scale's tip is still in place. And so in the Huawei Health application, you can follow the change in the composition of your body all the time, choosing the right diet and subsequent workouts.

Huawei Watch GT Active - how did he act as a training watch?

The previous generation Huawei Watch GT, which I had the opportunity to test, was a surprisingly good sports watch. With phenomenal work time on a single charge (in the watch mode over 2 weeks), accurate operation of the heart rate and measurement, convenient operation, large and legible screen, as well as sports functions that can usually be expected in watches at a much higher price. In addition, there was an extended Huawei Health application and we had before us a sports ecosystem, which many smart watch manufacturers still can not create.

This year, on the other hand, Huawei has further refined its idea for a sports watch, as can be testified by the monthly, intensive tests of three heroes of the Watch My Way project. Huawei Watch GT Ative helped each of these people both during and after the training. In addition, the trainer could view the recorded data, which allowed him to optimize the previously prepared training plan, even if the competitor was unable to meet the trainer at the moment and jointly conduct the entire training.

And if someone else needed proof that Huawei with his sports watch wants to fight for the most demanding users, recently, as part of the software update to the watch function added triathlon mode, in which you can conveniently switch between the three activities. And so - the transitions between disciplines are taken into account in this mode.

You can read more about the results of three runners and the entire Watch My Way campaign at this address.

Three runners, over a month of preparation. It's time for a great summary


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