This is how the new Facebook looks like

In addition to the announcement of the redesigned Messenger, Mark Zuckerberg promised several smaller and larger novelties. We will see, among other things, a refresh of the website version for browsers.

Facebook in the browser looks archaic. In addition, users can feel like guinea pigs, because the interface elements change like in a kaleidoscope - sometimes at intervals of a few days. The website wants to refresh your site. The new visual layer is to be more modern and lighter.

As you can see below, all the main elements of the website have been refreshed. We see, therefore, news with the relationships promoted on the Facebook mobile application fashion. Switching between individual parts of the platform (Watch, Marketplace, friends, Messenger) will take place on the upper beam.

The page of our profile will also change. In this case, you can see an even greater similarity to the elements known from the mobile application. It can therefore be said that visual changes are to make the experience of using Facebook on different platforms more consistent.

When can we expect changes? "In the coming months" - promises the leadership of Facebook. The goal, in addition to refreshing, is to simplify and speed up the site.

What else has Facebook announced on F8?

F8 is a conference for developers and the event is focused on them. Earlier, we wrote about a refreshed version of Messenger , which is to be primarily lighter, but also to offer new experience on computers in the form of applications for Windows and macOS.

Facebook also boasts 400 million users of groups that operate on the platform. They are to be a "more private than public" space.

Participation in groups is to be simpler and easier to find. The largest social networking site in the world will also offer new features for different types of groups. For example, groups devoted to work will have templates for publishing offers, and groups for players will have their own chat. On the other hand, these health-related topics will be able to publish questions without giving a name.

In subsequent countries, the Facebook Dating function will be launched, but there is no Poland or any other European country on the list. An interesting new feature is Secret Crush. You can choose up to nine friends. If any of them also show interest in a matrimonial type, Facebook will associate and inform you by notification.

Facebook is also Instagram.

New on Instagram can be considered not very spectacular. Refreshes will see the camera, and it boils down to the greater ease of using creative modes, even stickers.

Instagram will be able to run charity collections. Until then, the novelty will be available in the United States, but it is also to come to other countries. It is also easier to have purchases that can be made directly from the application.

This is how the new Facebook looks like


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