This is how the iPhone will work - everything we know about iOS 13 before the premiere

Apple is going to show new versions of its operating systems anytime during WWDC 2019. We summarize what will change in the most important of them: iOS 13.

Every year, during a cyclical event called Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple presents new versions of software for iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets, Mac computers, Apple Watch smart watches and Apple TV sets. WWDC 2019 will not be an exception in this respect, of course .

We are now waiting for the first official information on iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13, but information is leaked to the network about the changes the manufacturer intends to introduce. I decided just before the start of this year's WWDC to summarize the most credible rumors about the most important of these systems, which drives smartphones and tablets.

iOS 13 - what's new?

In the previous year, Apple focused on fixes related to stability, and the news on smartphones and tablets was like a cure. It promises, however, that the producer will reward patience with fans. The changes in the iOS 13 system with the Yukon code name are to be really quite a lot.

Dark interface mode in iOS 13.

The newest and most striking feature is to be an optional dark interface mode. A similar solution appeared last year in the macOS system for Apple computers, and in recent months more and more developers have introduced the function of changing the color scheme on their own.

In the case of the latest iPhones, the system dark mode can have a positive effect on the working time after disconnecting the phone from the charger. The OLED panels used in iPhones of the X family do not charge electricity to display black pixels that would dominate in this mode.

The dark mode can be activated on demand from the Control Center. However, it is not known whether it will be possible to automate it, as it is possible with the Night Shift function. For Macs, you have to resort to additional software.

iOS 13 and Swype keyboard.

A few years ago, a revolution took place in the Android world. The keyboard called Swype allowed you to write by moving your finger on the screen without having to touch each letter separately. Today, most keyboards offer it, including from third parties to iOS.

The birds are chirping that a similar function will soon become part of Apple's system keyboard, but it is also possible that it will only be available to company employees. I hope that the company will decide to make this new product available to everyone who is interested.

Integration of macOS with iOS.

The system for Apple computers is to gain more applications thanks to the Marzipan project, which allows porting programs from the iPad to macOS, but on the iOS side, there will also be changes. One of them will be the possibility of systemic expansion of the desktop between platforms. This is supposed to work similar to the Duet Display and Luna Display applications. The tablet will be able to become an additional screen for the Mac with the support of the stylus.

Changes in the function before the screen and sleep time.

In the function Time before the screen you will be able to set according to the schedule, with whom children can and can not contact. I, in turn, hope that this feature will be extended to macOS computers. Without this, the data is incomplete.

The changes will also affect the function that makes it easier to go into the embrace of Morpheus. An advanced sleep analytics will appear. Sleep mode enabled in the Control Center is to enable the Do Not Disturb mode and dim the lock screen.

New versions of the application.

Refreshes can wait for system applications such as Health, where a new home screen and sections for the hearing impaired will be added. There will also be better integration with applications such as Clue, Flo and Ovia, which measure the menstrual cycle.

We also expect an update of the Reminders application in which a completely new interface layout will appear, dividing them into sections not on the list, and in the grid. The tasks ending on a given day, all tasks, all scheduled tasks and tasks with flags are to be listed.

In the iMessage Messenger, users will be able to choose their profile photo and display name, as well as choose who can view them. There will also be stickers based on Animoji. Find my Friends and Find my iPhone to connect in turn to one application with the code name GreenTorch.

Apple Maps will in turn make it easier to save places you frequent - such as home and work addresses. You can group your favorite places and add your own photos to them. Apple Books, in turn, will use gamification to encourage the absorption of more electronic books.

Also people who have built Smart Home using HomeKit will also be happy about changes in iOS 13. They will be able to easily display the image from monitoring cameras. There will also be an option to view archived recordings. In turn, HomePod is to recognize the voices of several different household members.

iOS 13 will also introduce new animations and other changes in the interface.

One of them will be the animation of launching the multitasking menu and minimizing the application. The widgets screen to the left of the main screen will also be visually refreshed. Interestingly, it promises to be a refreshed sharing menu, which is supposed to suggest recipients for the content themselves.

Safari will receive a download manager, and who knows - maybe Apple will go to your head and let you view the contents of pendrives from iOS? This would be especially useful on the new Pro iPads. Tablets will gain several other improvements, including the option to run several instances of the same application.

This is how the iPhone will work - everything we know about iOS 13 before the premiere


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