The Poles do not release Lidl and Biedronka s newsletters

A convenient application on a smartphone or a paper newsletter? When it comes to acquiring information about the offer of stores, Poles still strongly prefer this second solution. We advise, change your habits and gain from it.

As much as 47 percent of surveyed clients indicates that paper newsletters are the main source of information about them in the promotion of stationary stores. Almost 60 percent of them, on the other hand, claims that, on the basis of information from newspapers, he makes purchases from time to time. Mobile applications and websites that seem to be the most obvious and most convenient solution in 2019 are winning only a few percent of buyers.

Maybe it's time to change it?

Until a few years ago, card payments were a problem in stationary stores. Today, their owners fortunately understand that the use of new technologies is crucial. Payments by cards and smartphones are standard, and mobile applications have grown like mushrooms, which not only facilitate shopping, but also provide discounts and rebates.

Here is an overview of the 15 most interesting of them:

Lidl Plus

shopping applications 1 lidl plus

Black horse of this race. Lidl Plus stormed the app stores and, not without reason, charmed the Poles. In the application you can find a section with discounts and discount coupons for activation, and the phone program can replace the physical plastic card to collect points for purchases. Added to this are the latest newsletters, Scratchcard Plus and e-receipts, and you can view your shopping history in the program. Creating an account is necessary to use the application.

Download the Lidl Plus app: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)

Your Biedronka

shopping apps 2 ladybird

On the background of Lidl Plus the application of another popular discounter network looks ... poor. It has not been adapted to the screen of iPhone X and newer. To set up an account, you have to go to a website that has not been adapted from mobile devices, and after a few unsuccessful attempts I gave up on this. It's so much good that without giving your data you can look at sections such as the Offer, Recipes and Shopping List.

Download the application Your Biedronka: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)


shopping apps 3 żappka

Żappka, the application of the Żabka chain store, performs much better. Login is necessary, but one click is enough to create an account via Facebook. You get some points immediately, and the next one is collecting for purchases. They can then be exchanged for products. Added to this are discounts only for application owners and themed boxes. There was also a locator of nearby stores.

Download the app Żappka: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)

My Carrefour

4 carrefour shopping apps

A very interesting proposition is My Carrefour. It is not fully adapted to the screen of iPhone X and newer and creating an account requires more steps than in the case of competition, but makes up for it with functionality. In addition to standard sections such as Coupons, Cards, Newsletters and Shopping List as well as store search engines, unique add-ons are available. The application integrates with the MasterPass service from the Mastercard company, allows you to release the Lotto coupon and facilitates shopping thanks to the Scan & GO function, which allows you to independently scan the codes of purchased goods. In addition, there are programs such as Skidki, collecting stickers. A lot of this.

Download the My Carrefour app: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)

Tesco Club Card

shopping apps 5 tesco

Tesco Club Card is unfortunately worse with shopping applications. Logging is necessary, and creating an account - arduous and unnecessarily complicated. In addition, on the one hand, the e-mail address was marked as optional, and on the other - you can not log in without it. As a result, I now have to wait 2 weeks for the physical card to reach me by mail to take advantage of the full application capabilities. I wrote a message to operate a Facebook store, but a few days passed and still no one answered my request. The only thing I can access as a person without an account is a discount.

Download the Tesco Club Card app : Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)


shopping apps 6 auchan

The first step after installing the application is selecting the country. This means that the program has been prepared for many markets at the same time. In it you can find a list of current promotions in the form of a digital newsletter and discount coupons for products. Customers can log in to their digital Auchan account, but even without it you can display the offer, including a special eg Easter section (I tested before Christmas). In addition, the search engine stores and the shopping list built into the application.

Download the Auchan app: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)


applications shopping 7 aldi

This app is unfortunately disappointing. It is not adapted to the screen in iPhones X and newer, and it has a nasty and illegible interface. So much good that it is updated on the server side and you can decipher the Christmas offer and browse the assortment with a list of discounts and track the store with it. The application also has a built-in QR code reader.

Download the Aldi app: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)


shopping apps 8 net

Net has a simple but transparent mobile application. Its main function is to present clients with current promotional newsletters. In addition, the program allows you to check the price of selected articles. You can also prepare a shopping list in them and search for a nearby branch. Interestingly, there is no function of creating a user account here.

Download the Netto app: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)


shopping apps 9 kaufland

The Kaufland network mobile app is fine. After starting, the automatic searches for a nearby store. Then the offer is displayed, and users from the application level can create a shopping list. There was also a section with regulations and alerts on occasions. Login is optional, and the good impression only spoils the fatal translation of the interface. At first I did not really understand what "my home branch" was in the menu.

Download the Kaufland app: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)


shopping applications 10 polomarket

Polomarket is probably the weakest application in the ranking, which is only available in the iPhone version. In the Google Play store, it can not be found at the moment, although Google tells you that one day it was available. In the edition for iOS, it is a maladjustment of the interface to the screen in iPhones X or newer. On the main screen, there were only three sections: promotions, shopping lists and a store search. The menu, in turn, hid a promotional leaflet and a cookbook.

Download the Polomarket app: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)

Delicatessen Center

shopping apps 11 deli center

Delikatesy Centrum customers should be satisfied with the application. It is true that the first loading takes a long time, because "data synchronization" is longer, but it is a one-time inconvenience. Patients will get access to the so-called Delicard, which is a way to get lower prices. The application also included promotional coupons, an occasion section and a search module for a nearby store based on GPS module indications. Added to this are promotional leaflets, an option to make a shopping list, a menu with recipes and a shopping history.

Download the Delikatesy Centrum app: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)

Piotr and Paweł

shopping apps 12 Peter and Paul

To use the Piotr i Paweł application you must log in. Users who set up their account will receive a virtual loyalty card at the start. In addition, the application has sections such as Coupons, Offers (here are promotional leaflets) and Benefits (here you can find information on points and discounts in one place).

Download the Piotr i Paweł app : Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)


shopping apps 13 intermarches

The Intermarche store network has a fairly simple application. After starting it, you have to choose a specific facility, but unfortunately you can not help yourself with a GPS, but you have to manually enter, for example, a city and choose a store from the list. However, this is the only inconvenience, because later the menu is directed to such sections as Gazette, Actions (where you can find information about new products) and Coupons. In addition, the menu has a signed Atelier link that directs to the application with recipes.

Download the Intermarche application: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)

Rossmann PL

applications shopping 14 rossmann pl

Just as today in the discount segment, Lidl Plus focuses on itself, Rossmann broke in on smartphones of our compatriots last spring. In March 2018, its new version became the number one application in Poland. It gives access to two rebate programs - Rossmann club and Rossna program - and numerous promotions. The program also replaces the plastic card for collecting points. There was also a section with the assortment of the store. The account is not required, and the application - at least in the iPhone version, because I checked it - informs about the discount on ... Xiaomi smartphone.

Download the Rossmann PL app: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)


shopping applications 15 hebe

Another drugstore that has its application is Hebe. The application does not require creating a start account. On the home page you can find various promotional boxes, including Hebe offer, your Hebe card and promotional sections such as First steps for parents and Be Beauty from Hebe. There is also a search engine for nearby stores. In the drop-down menu, you can track the classic above and additional categories such as Promotions, Products, News and Contests.

Download the Hebe app: Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone, iOS)

The Poles do not release Lidl and Biedronka's newsletters


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