The new Kawasaki bike is the coolest hoverboard I ve ever driven

There is no application to control or any fancy driving modes. He can ride on puddles for this, and at the same time does not cause foot pain on longer routes. Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D is the most interesting hoverboard I tested.

In 2015 I tested YesDzik, which is probably the first hoverboard available in Polish distribution. Later, I had the opportunity to ride two other boards. What has changed with this segment for four years? Quite a lot, as I found out driving on the latest electric board Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D.

Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D

Let's start from the beginning: where did the idea for testing such a product come from? Communion season begins, and for godparents and parents, this also means the gift season. Last year, I participated in my wife's first god's communion, thanks to which I was observing the very center of the present madness. Filip got practically all the personal means of transport the child can dream of: a bicycle, a classic skateboard, a scooter, and a hoverboard. It was the latter that pleased him most.

This was in Italy, where hoverboards were an absolute hit. Children went to school and after school, on sidewalks and playgrounds. They were not scary, no climbs, and on the straight road the kids had mastered the ride at a speed that I would not repeat myself.

Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D

Well, children. They seem to be the target group of the entire hoverboard segment. In my eyes such equipment is representative of a typical recreational segment and I can not imagine commuting to work.

How do you drive on Kawasaki's new bike?

Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D

The driving principle is no different from other driving other products of this type. Two platforms respond to the degree of deflection by increasing or decreasing the speed of a given wheel.

The rule of cycling applies here: once you learn how to ride on it, you will never forget it again. Although it has been several months since my last contact with the hoverboard, the ride came naturally. If it is your first contact with such a vehicle, get ready for half an hour of tilting exercises.

What can Kawasaki's new hoverboard do?

Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D

Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D develops a speed of up to 20 km / h, which on the equipment of this type is for me a dizzying value, which I probably never reached. I give my word that it is also the target speed of nine-year-olds, which is why the speed limit at a safe ceiling is a good idea. Even so, it is better to provide the child with knee pads, at least at the beginning of the adventure with an electric board.

A battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh is enough for 20 km drive, although here a lot depends on the user's weight. The maximum load is 130 kg. We will charge the Kawasaki Hoverboard with the supplied power supply, from an ordinary socket. Charging time is 2-3 hours.

Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D

Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D

The equipment has only one button, which is a switch, so there are no unnecessary complications. In the center of the board there is a display showing the state of charge of the battery. In addition, the board is equipped with lighting, but it serves not to illuminate the road, but to improve visibility from a distance.

Children tend to destroy equipment, so it's worth choosing something more resilient.

The tested Kawasaki model differs by several important features from other car rides, which I had the opportunity to drive so far. First of all, it has large, ten-inch wheels with pumped tires. Such tires very well suppress unevenness, such as cobblestones.

Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D

I probably would not drive this equipment in powdery sand or grass, but this board forgives much more than the constructions on plastic wheels. In addition, after a long-lasting ride, I do not feel foot pain, which actually happened to me on other hovarboards.

Another advantage is the splash resistance. The Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D complies with the IP54 standard, which means that it can handle driving in light rain or puddles. The equipment is also resistant to sand and dust.

Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D

Although the manufacturer does not recommend lifting the board for fenders, I must admit that I often ignored this warning from convenience. The board did not happen. Plastics are quite soft, but thanks to this, they should not crack on impacts. It is worth being aware, however, that the warranty will not cover repairs caused by improper transfer of the board. The device weighs 9.5 kg.

Is Kawasaki Kx-Pro 10.0D a good idea for a communion gift?

Hoverboard currently costs PLN 1299. It's a lot less than skateboards like the Boosted Board, but at the same time more expensive than the cheapest hoverboards that we will find in stores for PLN 600-700. However, they have small wheels on which to feel every inequality.

Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D

In this respect, Kawasaki Balance Scooter Kx-Pro 10.0D is equipment from a different shelf. Large wheels with pumped tires perfectly compare unevenness, so the feet do not feel tired even after a long ride. In addition, the board also meets the IP54 certificate, so the manufacturer guarantees resistance to splashes and dust.

If you are looking for a baby gift, the new Kawasaki stands out from other hoverboards. However, if you are looking for an electric vehicle to commute to work or to the university, there are other, better ideas.

The new Kawasaki bike is the coolest hoverboard I've ever driven


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