The new Gmail feature will eventually make me sleep up

Nicolaus Copernicus, Albert Einstein, Batman, Fryderyk Chopin and Jakub Kralka. What connects these outstanding characters? Many, and one of the main features is that everyone preferred to work at night.

Undoubtedly, when you solve equations in the privacy of your home, you compose mazurkas, watch the stars or try to catch the Joker in the act, night work makes the task easier. At least it does not bother you, unless you live in Paris and you and Fryck are through the wall.

Worse in office work, when there is a man on the other side who goes to bed just after "M jak Miłość". Before going to sleep, he wonders if Kinga and Piotrek should decide on another child, but it generally takes up to 15 minutes. He gets up before six o'clock, morning gymnastics and at 7:30 he happily rings "Mr. Jakub, I'm calling you in an unusual case".

The worst, however, is with e-mails. As I mentioned, I work best at night, and the most pleasant between 02:00 and 04:00. Then it is really creative, or quiet: at home, in the world, on television, and even on the internet. Man gets into those corners of his mind, which he likes the most, although sometimes he is a little afraid of them.

I am preparing a few documents with reconciliation, e-mails to clients in working versions, I fall asleep after 5:00 am and set the alarm clock at 08:30 in the morning. I send ready e-mails in turn and let myself "for one more hour". This ritual, of course unusual, I repeat regularly. Why am I so tired? My mentor, who is a series of tips, leads me through life, he stressed once that sending emails at 3:00 am is unprofessional. I could not understand it ("I am sitting on the client after the night and this is something wrong?"), But he explained to me that it simply does not.

I actually struggled because the Gmail mailbox I used (also in the paid version) without any additional plugins etc. did not have the option of scheduling sending messages. This is - and here, after carefully delineating the problem, we finally get to the bottom of the information - just change. Updating Google's mail for a new function is already under way and has arrived, among others to me. Initially, it was expected to be already in July 2018, but something was delayed.

A peaceful sleep and even better organization. What more could you want?

The new Gmail feature will eventually make me sleep up


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