The Microsoft Fluid Framework has certainly arisen out of jealousy. To send G Suite Google to the margins

Microsoft has used this year's conference for programmers to present a new tool for creating web applications whose most important element is the joint work of their users.

Microsoft Office since time immemorial is the king of solutions for offices, its position is dangerously safe. This does not mean that everything in the Office is the best. At the time Google Docs introduced the option of co-publishing documents with real-time previews, Microsoft had to be pretty surprised. His mechanisms of co-authoring Office documents did not even offer a shade of convenience, efficiency and intuitiveness of Google's mechanism.

This delinquency has obviously been made up in time. Office applications and services offer document sharing and change preview in real-time, almost like G Suite applications. Now Microsoft wants to set new standards. And instead of chasing Google, now give him a backlog to catch up. And unlike Google, providing the right tools to all concerned.

Microsoft Fluid Framework, which is the foundation for web applications created for teams.

Fluid Framework will allow you to create applications that use a component model of documents, primarily web, but also native. Thanks to it, the transfer of content between documents and updating changes in real time is to be achieved "with performance not yet seen in the industry".

microsoft fluid network

Changes made by individual users are to be visible not only in the currently open application, but also instantly and in real time in all related services.

So if we add a chart to an Excel spreadsheet, which is also currently pinned on one of the Teams channels, the sample chart should instantly appear there. Documents can also be processed by additional external services. As an example, Microsoft gave Cortana, who translates live

The Fluid Framework will be part of Office 365. But it can also reach your application.

microsoft fluid network

Developer tools and relevant SDKs are to be released "later this year". Then the first elements of the announced framework in Microsoft's applications are to appear. Right after the opening speech of the president of Microsoft, the right part of the Build conference will start, that is, thematic sessions, during which the company's representatives will discuss the solutions presented on the stage. We will learn more technical details on them, including those related to the discussed framework.

The Microsoft Fluid Framework has certainly arisen out of jealousy. To send G Suite Google to the margins


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