The May update of Windows 10 1903 is now available for (almost) everyone

After a noticeably longer than usual beta test phase, Windows 10 1903 went to Windows Update servers and other official distribution sources. Not everyone, however, will receive an update immediately, although it is already ready.

Taught of painful experiences from the past, Microsoft this time did not hurry to publish a new version of Windows 10. This is seen even after the version of the "May update" - designation 1903 indicates that work on the final version of the system was completed in March 2019. now this update appears in the production channel in the Windows Update service.

However, not everyone will receive it right away. At first, it will be offered only to devices with hardware and software configurations that have been extensively tested by Microsoft and external beta-testers. Over time, the number of devices will be gradually increased. The whole process will last from a few to several weeks. To check if it is available for your device, go to Settings, select Updates and security, Windows Update and then Check for updates. If we do not do it, the system will automatically download the update based on the internal harnonogram on the default settings.

Windows 10 1903 - what's new?

Among the new products (more about which you can read here ) we find, among others:

  • a clear interface theme,
  • login screen with elements of new design,
  • refreshed smile panel,
  • easier management of quick actions,
  • clip and sketch recognize windows,
  • Fluent Design System goes to the Start Menu and Jump List,
  • the sidebar of the Start menu shortcuts now,
  • the folders can be unpinned from the Start Menu,
  • the appearance of the clipboard has been improved,
  • Cortana removed from the search engine,
  • top bar added in System settings,
  • they have been cleaned up in the login methods settings,
  • easy uninstalling of system applications was possible,
  • cleaned up in Windows Update,
  • Windows Sandbox introduced,
  • improved support for RAW files.

There are of course more changes. If someone does not like long lists with minor changes, in this text can find our selection of the six best and most interesting news in this update.

The May update of Windows 10 1903 is now available for (almost) everyone


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