The Chinese dream about folding smartphone is ending. Operators do not want to sell Huaweia Mate X

One of the most interesting consumer electronics devices falls out of the offer of subsequent operators of the western world. You do not want to sell a super-expensive and experimental device that will not have access to Google services.

Huawei Mate X is a truly amazing device. The very premise - a hybrid of a phone and a tablet that fits in your pocket - appeals to me very much. The personal contact with this device confirmed my belief that it is a beautiful future. Not that Mate X would be perfect - it certainly is not and will not be - but it is a huge step towards something very attractive. If it was not for an absurd price, I would probably buy it, being very excited about it.

Unfortunately, this will not happen not only due to the fact that I am not able to give 10,000 for the tablet device. zł. Mate X will no longer receive certification from Google, which means that it will work under the control of EMUI without Play Services. Absolutely pointless. Operators are likewise starting to think.

Huawei Mate X was to be a symbol of the future and revolution that the 5G network will bring. Meanwhile, European and Asian operators thank Huawei for cooperation.

Mate X was supposed to be a flagship device in the offer of Vodafone UK (and its own EE network) for the first clients activating access to the 5G network. The operator decided to withdraw the device from the offer, explaining that the network has too much doubt about technical support from Huaweia in the face of the current crisis.

Taiwanese and Japanese cellular networks are also withdrawing from cooperation with Huawe. Some of them not only on the issue of Mate X, but also on the market phones, such as the P30 model . The Business Times also investigated changes in the offers of leading resellers. More and more of them either do not want to buy Huawei phones anymore, or even looking for a quick way to get rid of those already in stock.

If Huawei has a repair plan, let him implement it now. Because soon there will be no cleaning up.

I mean, of course, the consumer division of the company, not the one related to products and services for telecommunications operators. It seems highly likely that more operators and distributors will start to withdraw Huawei equipment from their offer, significantly hampering the company's ability to reach the customer.

It seems in principle that only diplomacy can help solve this crisis. And probably at the highest levels of Chinese and American power. Perhaps I lack imagination, but I do not see any way of saving Huawei. What, as an enthusiast of her products, I deeply regret.

The Chinese dream about folding smartphone is ending. Operators do not want to sell Huaweia Mate X


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