The Americans want to overtake China in landing on the moon. NASA announces the new Artemis program

Fig. NASA under a Creative Commons license.

NASA boasted the official name of the new manned flight program to the moon. The Artemis program will start in 2024.

Jim Bridenstine presented the new NASA program during a press conference. The first mission within the Artemis program will begin in 2024. If the congress agrees to increase the budget of the American Space Agency.

The Artemis program is just as ambitious as roads

Bridenstine also announced that the White House had asked the congress to increase the NASA budget by $ 1.6 billion. Trump's administration is clearly looking forward to returning manned missions to the moon. Due to the priority status of Artemis, NASA announced that it will delay the construction program of the orbital Moon Gateway station, which according to the new schedule will start only in 2028 - four years later than according to the original plan.

By 2024, NASA wants to build a basic Gateway module that will support manned lunar missions. In the longer term, Americans want to have two new space establishments - a full-fledged space station in orbit around the Moon (which will be able to travel to Earth's orbit) and a stationary moon station on the south pole of our satellite.

Changing the NASA strategy can thwart Blue Origin plans

The US Space Agency has announced that it will be using SLS rockets and Orion manned capsules as part of its new lunar program. This is not officially said, but I'm guessing that this decision will not appeal to the Blue Origin company owned by Jeff Bezos.

The cosmic equipment manufacturer was able to boast of its new Blue Moon lander, which was supposed to be ready in 2024. Before the announcement of the Artemis program, it seemed that NASA would use the Blue Moon lander to land on the moon. Now it is not so sure.

The main contractor for the Orion ship is the Lockheed Martin Corp group. The European Space Agency also had a share in its construction, which a year ago it delivered a ready-made service module for the lander. Its implementation was undertaken by Airbus Defense and Space. Orion will also be used in the future for manned flights to Mars - but NASA did not reveal any details about it.

As for the SLS rocket, before using it for a manned mission, NASA plans to test its reduced version in three previous missions:

  • EM-1: unmanned aircraft with the Orion MPCV spaceship into the orbit of the Moon
  • EM-2: a manned flight with Orion to the orbit of the Moon
  • This is not a mission under the code name EM, but NASA is planning to use the SLS rocket to send an unmanned mission to Europe.

Only after these three flights will the SLS carry the basic Gateway module into the orbit of the Moon. If it is not too simple, this module will require more power than the SLS rocket. For this purpose, the Exploration Upper Stage (EUS) is designed to change the SLS rocket into the SLS Block 1B version. This member is obviously not yet ready for manned missions. NASA announces, however, that by 2024 it will be ready for flights.

Return to the moon will take place with the participation of women

Such a declaration was made by the head of NASA himself. We have, at the end of the 21st century, in which no one (well, almost nobody) believes in superstitions, according to which women would not be able to cope during space missions. Astronauts have long been sent to the International Space Station.

Unfortunately, the most interesting thread about returning to the moon was not touched by Bridenstine. Of course, this is about the construction of a moon space station. NASA wants to build a cosmic refinery on our natural satellite. It makes a lot of sense. The moon installation could process the ice deposits there and produce rocket fuel out of them. After processing a large amount, they would be transported to the orbiting Gateway space station, where our space ships flying to Mars would be waiting in the queue for refueling. And maybe a few other places.

For now, however, the Americans want to focus on taking the next step on the moon. The decision certainly has a light political color. It's about rivalry with China. The Middle Kingdom is planning to build its own space station on the Moon . I wonder who will be able to realize their plans faster.

The Americans want to overtake China in landing on the moon. NASA announces the new Artemis program


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