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Mobile World Congress will remain in Barcelona until 2030

The MWC is one of the largest technology congresses in the world. And since 2006 the fair has been held in Barcelona. And as you can now read, it will continue to do so. The GSMA and the venue have agreed on an extension. The GSMA is the annual organizer and has now confirmed that the MWC will remain in Barcelona until at least 2030. The current contract was valid until 2023. So under the new contract, the GSMA will now hold the MWC until at least Barcelona. Before the 2006 Barcelona Fair came, it was held in Rome, Nice, Berlin, Lisbon, Athens, Madrid and Cannes. What will happen after 2030 is currently unclear. Maybe it will be extended by more years or you will move to new realms. Sources): TechRadar The article Mobile World Congress stays in Barcelona until 2030 appeared first on xiaomist's blog .

Stop downloading Firefox. Google will not block adblocks in the Chrome browser at all

With the speed of a cat running into a bowl of food after a 15-minute hunger, the world went round the news that Google would block modern adblockers in the Chrome browser . Relax - it will not block.

The Chromium engine development team published a draft release at the beginning of the year (DRAFT) of a document describing the planned changes to the API available to developers of extensions for Chrome.

This document, known as the V3 Manifesto, aroused a lot of controversy due to the proposed changes, in particular those concerning the previous chrome.webRequest implementation.

I will not pretend to understand what it means, which is why I give my voice to Hubert Taler , a programmer who writes for Spider's Web:

chrome.webRequest has been used so far by the creators of ad blockers (though not only - it's an API that has many other applications). In short, it allows you to take over the network query (request) and handle it in its own way - login, redirection, and blocking.

It is quite powerful and - from my point of view - a difficult tool to manage. For example, because the logic behind the blockade is not available for the extension management code. No wonder the creators of Chromium offered an alternative. They suggested that in the next version of the API, chrome.webRequest be blocked from blocking access to network resources, and to this end, provide a completely new interface: chrome.declarativeNetRequest

chrome.declarativeNetRequest, in turn, allows you to define a list of rules, and a list of url on which the rule should be executed. In my opinion, it is more logical than the previously used webRequest and easier to manage. It is also easier to integrate the operation of several extensions that want to handle access to the same resource.

But what did the developers not like? First of all, the limit regarding the number of rules that can be applied.

At the moment, these limits are saved as fixed: the extension may have 30,000 in the configuration file. rules, and can load 5,000 in the moment. Why does it seem to be too few to some? Because they look at popular lists of blocked urls, published, for example, by EasyList websites. There, the number of rules in the file is larger, but the look at such a list shows that having access to regular expressions (and the developers of such extensions have) you can easily rewrite them using a script so that they take up less space. For example, a fragment of a rule file that can be replaced with one regular expression:


In addition, the creators of Chromium explicitly declared that they would increase these limits if there is a real need. Therefore, it is unnecessary to panic, especially since most of the Internet is willing to react hysterically to any allegations of "bans adblocków".

No, they do not stop, and no, this is not the end of writing blocking extensions. Each developer has time to customize his code.

Do you want adblock? Install the Chrome Enterprise edition.

Most online media that have taken up the topic, writes that after these changes Adblock will only work in the Chrome Enterprise edition. However, this is nothing more than an unsupportable supposition, probably resulting from the license differences between a standard browser and the edition for companies. As Hubert Taler explains:

The option to block using chrome.webRequest will remain (at least for a while) available in Chrome Enterprise - ie the version officially supported for companies. This probably results from LTS (Long Time Support) agreements, which limit the implementation of changes that would corrupt existing solutions. It is not known, however, how long this option will remain supported in the Enterprise version - we only know this from the mention on the Chromium extension programmers group .

Do not switch to Firefox, because someone has rumored that Chrome will block adblots.

Internet people tend to be very impetuous. Since the morning I have read many comments that it's time to wrap, Chrome is szajs, and Firefox / Vivaldi / Brave is the future.

It is no wonder that this information arouses so many emotions - in the end, Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, second only to the popularity of the human desire to block advertisements.

However, aside from feeding the monopolistic Google machine with data, Chrome is also a very good browser. After recent optimizations, it can also be used on laptops and computers with less operational memory.

I'm not a big fan of Google's insights and its domination in cyberspace, but I use Chrome because it's simply the most stable, proven solution. I've tried other browsers - Opera, Firefox, Vivaldi. Each eventually turned out to be worse or at least less stable than Chrome in some respects. And for me, the browser is the main tool next to Word, so lack of stability means a lack of confidence in the tool.

I'm not saying here to stay with Chrome at all costs. I'm just saying that blocking ads is a bad reason to change your browser.

Google could block Adblock in Chrome and I would not blame it.

From a business point of view, blocking ads in Chrome is a serious problem for Google. After all, the vast majority of online creations are their AdSense, which many Adblocków cut out. From a business point of view, cutting down extensions that would block advertisements would have a lot of sense and would bring measurable financial benefits.

Also from the business point of view, it would be a shot, not just in the foot, but in the head. Users passionately use adblocków and - judging by how they respond to the very mention of the possibility of their removal - taking away their privilege to block ads would end up with a mass rebellion. And Google knows about it.

Fighting adblockami will not solve the problem.

Some of the wisest people in the world are working on Google, and they certainly realize that Adblock popularity does not come from nowhere. People in the vast majority do not block ads, because "they will not earn a corpo". People are blocking ads because the ads have been out of control.

Today, every free pixel is sold on the Internet. Banners attack us from every direction. Everything is fine, as long as the banner does not interfere with reading, and the creation is aesthetic - on Spider's Web we put great emphasis on it, because on the one hand we know how annoying advertisements are, and on the other hand, we have to live something.

What else, however, when advertising creations are disgusting or - what's worse - placed in annoying pop-ups covering the content that are not easily switched off, which the leading Polish portals liked so much.

An even worse case is intrusive ads that may contain malware. I admit - I myself use adblock on some sites, precisely because it is easy to "stick" to malicious software and accidentally ask for poverty.

Google has the power to solve some of the above problems, but it will not do it by blocking Adblots. Since Google is responsible for the lion's share of online advertising, the only thing it can do is raise the bar for advertisers. Ensuring that users are not flooded with wretched, intrusive or just dangerous creations.

Just as Google constantly introduces increasingly stringent SEO requirements and website optimization for mobile devices, it is in its best interest to do the same for advertising creatives. And I'm talking here not only about AdSense advertising itself, but advertising creatives in general - in Google's power, for example, there is a drastic deterioration of the visibility of a given website in the search engine if it will use non-compliant ads.

I think that this is the only way to not only stop the potential outflow of users and at the same time minimize the use of adblocków, but also to stop the Internet from being one big, speckled advertising pole.

As a media representative, I understand the need for advertising. It is thanks to them that we can publish extensive content for free, while having a pot to put in. As a user, however, I lose patience and sympathize with adblock users. On the Internet, especially over the last 5 years, websites dominate, which can not be viewed without adblock. Nasty, flooded with randomly generated banners displaying pop-ups on the pop-up. Nobody wants such Internet.

The problem will not be solved either by removing adblocks from Google's browsers, or changing browsers to those in which adblots work by users.

The real solution to the problem of ad blocking lies in mastering the advertising market that has gotten out of hand. If Google can not do it, nobody will.

And for now - stop the horses with the browser change. Adblots are not going anywhere.

* Cooperation: Hubert Taler

Stop downloading Firefox. Google will not block adblocks in the Chrome browser at all


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