Silent success of the program, thanks to which the players are loud

In 2017, it was used by 45 million players. Twelve months later, the users were already 130 million. Now Discord has broken the limit of 250 million registered accounts. As many as 1/5 of them are constantly active. No one has any illusions that TeamSpeak has been dethroned.

Discord was created in 2015 as a free VoIP application. The program was to stand out with a modern look and support of the latest tools, while maintaining the lightness and flexibility of the most recognized voice communicators. Discord's distinctive features were to be security, modernity, minimalism and universality.

Discord has become popular thanks to online grapefruit.

In the initial phase of its existence, the application was recognized by the Reddit community. Users of this platform have eagerly exchanged IRC servers for Discord's servers. Streamers also started using the program, managing their communities through Discroda. It was the Twitch stars that gave the application a real boost of popularity. Discord has also become a solution used during e-sport tournaments, finding the recognition of professional players. Seeing these trends, media moloch WarnerMedia decided to pump $ 200 million into the project.

The creators of Discorda have combined the platform with external services such as Twitch, Steam or even Logitech G in a great way. Free-of-charge servers can be improved thanks to the unique, dedicated bots. For example, our clan room Destiny 2 creates rallying races for us, informs about new items at the seller, lists the current number of players or reports on weekly rotation of missions and modifiers. Story.

The advantage of Discorda is that the program can be both a powerful voice communicator for a pack of friends, as well as a platform for managing a gigantic fan community. All this for free, without aggressively pushing Premium subscribers. It is him - Discord Nitro - is a direct source of revenue for the developers of the application. Nitro works a bit like the Xbox Game Pass, giving players access to the game collection in exchange for a monthly fee. Currently, the library includes Metro Redux, Inside, Soma, Bioshock 2 Remastered, Trine 3 and XCOM.

Discord is almost everywhere and has been sharpening its teeth for consoles for a long time.

The developers of the application do not hide that they would like Discord to be the default voice solution on the Xbox and PlayStation. This, of course, is against the interests of Sony and Microsoft - companies use their own system VoIP services. Nintendo does not have such technology. Therefore, Discorda creators have been asking for the application to appear on the Nintendo Switch portable console for months. Unfortunately, at this moment, the Japanese remain adamant, for reasons known only to themselves.

Discord acts as a program dedicated to Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. We can run this service without downloading the application via a web browser. Each of these solutions works correctly, is easy to use, clear, instinctive and efficient. Hence, it is not surprising that in the last year Discord has almost doubled the number of users. These 250 million registered accounts are fully deserved. The competition slept at first for this program and then ignored it. Now most of my friends have changed to Discord, but TeamSpeaku or Skype do not remember much.

Silent success of the program, thanks to which the players are loud


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