Samsung found the cause of Galaxy Fold s problems. The new version will soon hit the market

According to the latest information, Samsung has dealt with the troubles of Galaxy Fold. The manufacturer has redesigned the hinge construction and solved the film problem on the screen.

Such reports appeared in the Korean website Yonhap News . If by some miracle you slept the last weeks and you do not know what happened to Galaxy Folda, here's a short summary.

Samsung has sent test copies of Galaxy Folda to several editorial offices in the United States. After several dozen hours, three smartphones had a problem with the appearing bulge on the screen, which eventually led to the destruction of the display. Two other testers themselves destroyed Fold by breaking the screen layer, because they mistook it with a protective film. Samsung moved the premiere of the device.

The film on the screen turned out to be a problem of the curious genus.

There were no warnings on the Galaxy Fold case with the purpose of removing the film from the surface of the screen. Samsung could simply add an appropriate note, but decided that it would not be a sufficient solution to the problem. And rightly so, because no one reads a small drug on smart boxes.

Instead, Porducent has redesigned the outer layer of the screen. Previously, it did not reach the side frames, which in fact resembled a protective film. In the new Folda version, the size of the foil has been increased, and its edges are placed under frames, so you can not break them.

Samsung also repaired the Galaxy Fold hinge.

samsung galaxy fold

It was the design of the hinge that was most likely responsible for screen problems. At a certain angle of inclination of the screen, particles of dust, dust and other unwanted fags could get under the hinge. They caused local pressure on the screen, which eventually resulted in the cracking of the image display layer.

Samsung has changed the size of some elements of the hinge, so that the particles are no longer getting inside Folda.

In that case: when is the market debut of Samsung Galaxy Fold?

We do not know the official date yet, but Samsung's CEO, DJ Koh, said in a recent interview that Fold will be back soon . The date was to be revealed, but for some reason it is still kept secret.

However, time is getting less and less. If Samsung does not make it to the end of May, will be obliged to give money to customers who have submitted a pre-original assumption and have not themselves withdrawn from this decision. In the United States, the law says that the product should be sent within the time specified by the manufacturer, and if no such date, maximum 30 days after ordering. Soon this deadline will pass.

I am waiting for Fold. It is a big breath of freshness on the mobile market. The first generation is certainly not perfect, but you have to start with something. Smartphones are developing at an extremely fast rate and I see no reason to fold up devices to grow slower.

Samsung found the cause of Galaxy Fold's problems. The new version will soon hit the market


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