Rescue, I will soon become a gardener-gadget player


You go to Nadarzyn to play gadgets, play games and fly virtual planes at the Electronics Show 2019 , until you suddenly get to the stand with ... smart home gardens.

And to be honest, this is one of the most interesting gadgets I've seen for a long time. And this is not so senseless at all. Own home herbarium, from which you can tear at will, for example, fresh basil is a pretty cool thing. If anyone has any idea about plant breeding, take some time and remember to water their plants regularly. The biggest problem I have with this last issue, so it is quite obvious that such a completely unmanned solution managed to interest me instantly.

Click and Grow - smart home gardens


The idea is just as simple as it is genius. Just choose one of several sizes proposed by the manufacturer, add water and ... and yes, plant the plants. Ie. with this planting, there is nothing to overdo. Click and Grow offers ready kartrapidże, or seeds in a pot with the earth armed with all the necessary nutrients, which is put into our mini-garden and ... it's almost over. The last thing to remember is watering our garden.

This is done quite rarely - this is a very similar structure to DWC (deep water culture), with the difference that there is no aeration system in the middle of a water tank common for all plants planted. At least not in the models I watched at the Electronics Show 2019.

Automatic cultivation, without GMO - such things only at the Electronics Show

I am very happy that gadgets are starting to appear in Poland. Sure, Click and Grow products are not the cheapest, but I did not expect anything else. We pay here for convenience, nice design and access to the whole, maintenance-free ecosystem of the manufacturer, in which instead of any problems appearing in traditional plant breeding, everything is done on the principle of plug & play. This is how I at least rationalize, wondering which set to choose. Rescue.

Rescue, I will soon become a gardener-gadget player


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