Pure madness: Yashica will show three analog cameras and two new films this year

2019 is the perfect time for the premiere of drone, glasses with a camera and smartphones with three lenses. For some reason, Yashica decided that it is also the perfect moment for the premiere of three analogue cameras.

If a seventy-year-old brought up on an analog photo decides to take charge of Instagram and social media, the effect can be only comical at best. With all respect to seniors, such treatments are usually unnatural and clumsy.

This is how I see the new strategy of Yashica, which began to create cameras in 1949. 70 years brought a fantastic heritage, including many valued dual-lens reflex cameras, rangefinder cameras, single-lens reflex cameras, or finally compacts.

Yashica wants to open to the younger generation, showing three new analog cameras.

yashica analog camera

Yashica Absolute is a new project launched on Kickstarter, which will be realized in 2019 in three episodes. The first will be the Yashica MF-1, a simple analog compact camera for 35 mm film, with a fixed shutter speed of 1/120 s and f / 11. You can expect that the product will have a quality of photos straight from disposable compact cameras, which - surprisingly - can still be bought in photo stores.

yashica analog camera

The second act is the Yashica MF-2, which is to be presented in August 2019. It will be a more advanced compact analog camera. In terms of design it will be a variation on the original Yashiki MF-2 from 1980.

yashica analog camera

The most interesting is Yashica 44, which is to be the reincarnation of a dual-lens reflex camera. The camera will work on a 35mm film and will appear on the market in December 2019. In terms of design, the equipment will be a copy of Yashiki 44 from 1958.

yashica analog camera

The producer wants to show two new films. The first one is Yashica 400 (ISO 400, 24 frames), created with the skin colors in mind, to give warm colors. The other is yashica Golden 80s (ISO 400, 24 frames), with strong saturation and high graininess. It is a film designed for shooting in natural daylight.

yashica analog camera

It is worth recalling that the previous idea of ​​the manufacturer was a spectacular flop.

Two years ago, Yashica also tried her hand at Kicksterter. At that time, the Y35 was created , which was a digital equipment that worked on analog cartridges pretending to be films. The camera had a digital matrix, and the cartridges acted like filters. Instead of choosing a filter in the menu, a suitable cartridge was inserted into the camera communicating with the camera and changing the parameters.

Such pretended analogue photography did not find many fans, the more that the quality of the camera's photos was very poor. There is no wonder, because in terms of parameters, the equipment was lost even with medium-range smartphones.

Yashica directs new products to the young generation of photographers.

The entire campaign on Kickstarter is aimed at young people who are just discovering photography and would like to see how they once photographed.

Many producers are playing sentiment these days. This is a proven tactic, but do young photographers feel the sentiment for analog photography? They are too young for this because they were brought up in digital times. Photo enthusiasts interested in bygone times will prefer to reach for the real classics of the analogue era, which can be bought at auctions at auctions, stock exchanges and photographic forums.

I have the impression that Yashica goes the same way as other photo legends - Polaroid and Kodak . Unfortunately, this is not the way.

Pure madness: Yashica will show three analog cameras and two new films this year


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