Power is strong in the digital world. An overview of current promotions for Star Wars games on various platforms

Star Wars campaign enthusiasts are not pampered since Electronic Arts took over the rights to it. However, we have games from years ago, which can now be downloaded at no extra charge or bought for really little money.

Over the years from the conclusion of the contract between the publisher and Disney, we only got a handful of mobile games and two editions of the online Battlefront shootout, where only in the second appeared - and this is a short - campaign. For this promising game Star Wars with open worlds from EA Worldwide has been deleted .

It is true that this year has a store shelves hit Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from Respawn Entertainment, which may turn out to be a worthy successor of the recently mentioned The Force Unleashed , but that's still not enough. Spiritual heirs of such series as Jedi Knight, Knights of the Old Republic or X-Wing simulators and TIE Fighter still look for the candle.

Luckily, fans of the Star Wars universe can now recall the cult games of Lucasarts. Last Saturday, fans of the universe created by George Lucas celebrated their holiday. On this occasion many old and iconic games from the Star Wars series have been discounted. Selected titles were also included in subscription services. I gathered information about current promotions in one place.

star wars the force unleashed 4

Star Wars games on the PC at no additional charge in Origin Access

Origin Access is a subscription that can be purchased by players using personal computers. As a result, subscribers can run selected titles at no additional charge. They also draw other profits, such as the possibility of testing selected Electronic Arts games before the premiere.

The Origin Acess library has now been joined by a dozen Star Wars titles. The gem is the iconic Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. It is an action game in which the player takes on the student of the title academy run by Luke Skywalker. His mentor is Kyle Katarn, the hero of the previous installments of the series.

In addition, as part of Origin Acess, players can count on games like Battlefront 2 from 2005, Republic Commando, Rogue Squadron 3D, Dark Forces, Shadows of the Empire, X-Wing Alliance, Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, Galactic Battlegrounds Saga , Starfighter, Episode 1 Racer and Rebellion.

Star Wars games - promotions at the Xbox Store

In the Microsoft store, three Star Wars games for the Xbox One console have been discounted. Star Wars Battlefront II from 2018 can be purchased for PLN 30. The first part of the cycle costs PLN 22. Star Wars Battlefront. The Hoth set costs 38.94 PLN.

In the Microsoft store you can also now buy a title for children and adults of all ages, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens for PLN 100. For only PLN 10 more, you can buy this game in the Deluxe edition.

The games for the Xbox 360 console, which can be run on Xbox One devices thanks to the backwards compatibility feature, have also been discounted. You can read the full list of games on the store's website.

In addition, selected games from the Star Wars series were already part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Subscribers can download, among others one of the best RPG games, Knights of the Old Republic and both parts of The Force Unleashed.

Star Wars games - promotions in GOG

Cult games can be bought now also in the Polish GOG store. Over 25 titles have been discounted. Among them were such gems as Star Wars Battlefront in 2004, lacking DRM security for 29.79 PLN, both parts Knights of the Old Republic (13.29 PLN for each), Jedi Academy (also for 13.29 PLN) and games from the Lego series. You can read the full list on the GOG website .

Star Wars games - promotions in Steam

Steam did not want to be worse. Also here, the older titles such as Battlefront from 2004 and 2005, KOToR and the Jedi Knight series were overrated. The offer displayed on the promotional website prepared by Valve is similar in terms of available titles as well as prices to that prepared by GOG.

Power is strong in the digital world. An overview of current promotions for Star Wars games on various platforms


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