Poles honored by National Geographic. Travel photos not from this Earth

Photos of the finalists of the National Geographic Travel 2019 competition meant that I had to collect my jaw from the floor. If something is to encourage us to travel and appreciate the surrounding nature, nothing will work better than these photos.

The competition is to "help us discover and experience our world while traveling." It helps like nothing else

There are quite a few photo contests in the world. I've been tracking and writing about them for many years and sometimes I'm a bit bored with this photo. Especially that I observe a lot of traveling photographers on Instagram. Many predictable, similar frames, high contrast, beautiful light. However, the photos that I saw this year in the final of the National Geographic Travel contest look even cosmically well. They are like from another planet.

The goal of the competition, which closed the applications on May 3, was "telling the history of the place, showing us the world of nature or sharing visions of people from around the world". The competition is divided into three categories: Nature, Cities and People. National Geographic editors have made the first selection of photos submitted as every year from around the world. And so we have a wonderful picture of the Earth - from human stories, through stunning landscapes and impressive cities, to piercing portraits of nature. There is everything in these pictures.

I have looked through most of the final works and feel such a dose of inspiration to travel with the camera that I even began to dig my old photos from China and South Korea. It is nice that in this noble group were also pictures of Poles - Maciej Dakowicz and Arkadiusz Filipiak . Dakowicz's frame immediately caught my attention. It is multidimensional, deep. Nothing happens here, but there is a lot going on. This cage reminds me a little many photos of the master of photojournalism Tomasz Tomaszewski. And that's a big compliment.

Who to give $ 7500? It will be a difficult choice

On May 13-17, we will be able to vote for the best photos that will receive the People's Choice award. The winners selected by the jury will be announced in June. The choice, both for us and the jury, will not be easy. The level of final photography is amazing. Some photos just delight and show our wonderful planet from a completely different perspective.

The main prize for the winner of the entire competition is $ 7,500. The winner will be announced on the Instagram National Geographic profile . The winners of each category will receive $ 2,500 respectively. (1st place), $ 1,500 (2nd place) and $ 750 (3rd place).

Final photos of the National Geographic Travel 2019 photo contest

I chose my favorite frames, which in my humble opinion are fantastic. More photos can be viewed on the competition website , where they are often accompanied by comprehensive descriptions. Interestingly, photographs can be downloaded as wallpapers for computers or smartphones.

Poles honored by National Geographic. Travel photos not from this Earth


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