PlayStation 5 powered by Azure? Sony and Microsoft will work together to play in the cloud

"Our companies compete on certain levels, but Microsoft is a key partner for us," admitted Sony Kenichiro Yoshida, signing the cooperation declaration. He was accompanied by the head of Microsoft Satya Nadella, posing together for a commemorative photo. The circumstance is very unusual. Sony and Microsoft have signed an agreement under which the Xbox and PlayStation will support the same cloud technology.

It's no secret that Sony's network services are lagging behind Microsoft's solutions. This is perfectly evident in the example of PlayStation 4. Only recently holders of PS Plus have received 100 GB for recording.

Unfortunately, we still can not use this space to store our own clips and screenshots. The availability of the PlayStation Now service is also a problem. Sony introduces it to other domestic markets very slowly, laboriously expanding its own network infrastructure. The pace of this expansion is for many players - including me - unsatisfactory.

Microsoft does not have problems with network services. Azure cloud technology is one of the most important, most prospective and best-assessed products of this company. The giant from Redmond is one of the leaders in cloud computing services, competing for clients with such entities as Google and Amazon. More oriented on Sony equipment and multimedia has no equivalent in this area. That's why he reaches out to the competition.

Sony wants to use Azure technology on PlayStation consoles. Current and future.

Tokyo and Redmond will join forces to provide the best network service for console players. We are talking about file storage, updates, copying of the recording, streaming of the image from the games, playing in the cloud or using the cloud as an additional source of computing power. Most of, and perhaps even all of the above-mentioned issues on PlayStation consoles will correspond to Microsoft Azure in the future.

Such uncommon cooperation of fierce rivals was established at the highest possible level. President of Sony Kenichiro Yoshida met with Microsoft's CEO Sata Nadella, who comments on the agreement in the following way (editorial translation):

Sony has always been a leader in entertainment and technology. Our cooperation will result in a new chapter in the history of innovation. Thanks to this agreement, the power of Azure and Azure AI will go to Sony so that customers and players from around the world can enjoy new experiences.

PlayStation 5 powered by Azure? It would have seemed unbelievable yesterday.

Stadia streaming YouTube games Google Stadia

The agreement between Sony and Microsoft means that PlayStation 5 will most likely use the cloud of its market rival. I wonder how much the alliance of these two entities was dictated by the dynamic development of Google's cloud. Alphabet is not only a provider of cloud computing services with the widest field infrastructure, but also increasingly aggressively enters the video game market. Their Stadia did not make a good first impression , but Google seems convinced about the success of its gaming platform.

In the name of the principle that a better enemy known than the unknown, Sony and Microsoft may try to cement the germinated industry of streaming AAA games. Google wanted to enter it through its own cloud, and it is in the area of ​​clouds that the architects of PlayStation and Xbox start their cooperation. Case?

There are no cases in this industry.

PlayStation 5 powered by Azure? Sony and Microsoft will work together to play in the cloud


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