Playing for the throne is like a football game. No one will wait with discussion, for the Lord has not yet seen the Lord

From people throwing the spoilers into the network, I'm more annoyed by people who can lament at the view of spoilers 6 days after the episode of the series, because the Lord was still not in the "Game of Thrones".

Spoilers are bad. It is a fact that it is not polemical to argue with. However, you must know a certain proportion in this anti-spilital crusade. And so, after almost 40 years, I think I have the right to write in large letters that Darth Vader is the father of Luke Skywalker . Seeming obvious, even those who do not see the Return of the Jedi can immediately deduce from the next and subsequent trilogy of Star Wars, millions of parodies and alterations. And yet, I saw on the internet somewhere, once, but at least twice, an attack on people who did not disclose this key information for the Star Wars universe.

World of spoilers

The law is important, but it rules our wonderful world more than laws, ministers and parliamentarians. It's the law of nature. And one of its key principles is, for example, that "tomorrow" begins after 4:00 in the morning, which will be appreciated by every party-goer who nobody at three o'clock in the evening from Saturday to dare say that "tomorrow you have to go to work".

And the same is with the right of spoilers that is evolving. We live in the 21st century, we are slowly starting to fly into space like to McDonald's, the European Union today has the size of a larger province, and I only insulted four Chinese in the internet game from the morning, and then two Brazilians on the official correspondence. On average, the song is on the hits list for 20 minutes, a friend you have not seen for 20 years, but you know everything about the first steps of his five children and you have not read a book this year, because someone in the comments on Spider's Wei still is not right.

Game World for the Throne

The world has changed. The way of watching series, especially the most important ones, has also changed. Game for the throne is not a new episode of Złotopolskie. This is a pop culture event on a global scale. In my block there are murderers and architects, alcoholics without a professional title and alcoholics, doctors, influential councilors and even more influential thirteen-year instagramerki. Nothing connects us to the national football team and Monday's ritual of the Game of Thrones, when every day people who do not talk to each other premeditatedly publicize that they know on the estate that "he already".

It's fun way, because I - and many of you - killed many a dragon in our lives, we repulsed many hordes of undead, we regained many kingdoms, fortunately we are only children, but we have broken a few girls and a little excitement.

The society looked at us coyly, we are excited to fire fire from our hands, swords and wiwernami. People were moving away from us in the subway when we got in a wizard's costume. And suddenly Game of Thrones appeared, taking all our fantastic ferment and rolling it into a mixture of seemingly even more unpalatable, political-fiction mixed with the Dynasty, but nevertheless still closer to the House of Cards. Instead of a scandalous flap, there was a huge, big success that even 13-year-old influencers from Instagrama wistfully missed. Two minuses actually give a plus.

And what a plus! A sociological event, a media phenomenon, a mine of money, a source of theory, leaks, long hours of debates (which, of course, were all better than the eighth season scenario, including those that the alcoholic neighbor drew a stick in his own vomit).

The right to a spoiler is a human right

We've already determined that spoilers are bad. I do not know what directs someone who texts to a colleague at 8:00 am to inform him that an important figure has died.

But the human right is also the discussion about the epochal cultural event, which is the series Game of Thrones. And unfortunately, I am ready to defend this right even at the expense of people who are slightly behind with the screening. Just like the rule of "tomorrow" from 4:00 in the morning, so the principle that after 24 hours from the publication of the episode on the web, it is not a spoiler.

You probably think that it's so easy to watch Game of Thrones? No, the eighth season required me to do titanic work. Or I did not sleep at night and crawl for coffee the next day. Or I watched episodes in the day, in scandalous conditions - for example on the phone, in the bouncing bus, in the middle of the day. You know my luck so much that I do not even have to add that it was an episode of the Winterfell battle.

But before I went to the screening in the afternoon, I avoided social media or news aggregators throughout the day, where a Pikio from the very beginning could fly out with a thick headline straight into my face.

And after the screening, we did what we could to keep others from spoiling the fun. On Slack Spider's Weba there is a separate # game-o-throne channel. On Slacku Bezprawnik there is a separate channel # game-o-tron, where we not only talk about the events of the next episodes, but also combine how to connect the series with all known legal constructions, because it just clicks like crazy.

With a group of colleagues from our studies (we have our group of 20 members in the shape of Freemasonry, only rituals have been knocking on our glasses, and we have limited the will to control the Fantasy Premier League) we have a separate chat, from which the chosen ones were checked out issue and asked for restoration once they made up. The most faithful fans who stayed at night stayed behind.

We say "no" to the spoilers, and we also say "no" to the police spoiler.

It's a bit like frustrating that websites publish the results of the match a few hours after the match, because we recorded a replay of it, to watch it at the weekend.

Spoilering is not cool, but in the world of the series electrifying millions of people around the world, it is impossible to expect that the entire internet will wait for weeks, until the lighthouse will find a moment, organize its personal and professional life. No, civilization development requires a lively and blunt discussion about Game of Throne just a few hours after the premiere of the episode. Therefore, it is worth appreciating the titanic work of all those who are holding back from spoilers, and if we expect that the plot of the show will be betrayed to us - well, let's avoid traditional and social media. Passivity is the only salvation.

Playing for the throne is like a football game. No one will wait with discussion, for the Lord has not yet seen the Lord


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