Photographic channels on YouTube that are worth watching

I used to set up a blog once almost every photographer. Today, many are trying their strength on YouTube. Which of these channels are really interesting, valuable and worth sacrificing time? Here is my original selection of photographic channels that I watch with pleasure.

Peter McKinnon

Canadian-born Peter McKinnon is probably the best-known youtuber who professionally deals with photography and filming, and at the same time talks about these passions. He stormed YouTube 2 years ago by publishing the short material "8 Camera HACKS in 90 SECONDS !!" And that's how it all began.Today, the film has 6.1 million views, and the creator himself has 3.6 million subscribers.

On his channel vlogs dominate, in which Peter tells a lot about himself, his life, various stories related to the work of the photographer or the equipment he uses. I value his tutorials - from materials about processing to advice on taking pictures or choosing equipment. All materials are prepared in a lively and non-standard way with charisma characteristic of McKinnon.

McKinnon has its own unique style full of energy, excitement and passion. He is able to grab the viewer's heart, he is natural, he tells stories well. Unlike the films of many popular bloggers, his materials are well-recorded, both in technical and substantive terms.

Kai W

Kaiman Wong and Lok Cheung have for years created extremely popular video materials for DigitalRevTV . Gentlemen became famous among photographers around the world with their humor, unusual approach to materials, attractive form and large distance. Their program was referred to by many as the Top Gear in the world of photography.

In 2016, Kai left his job, left Hong Kong for London and began to log on his own account. In his footsteps followed Lok, whose channel, however, is not so popular. This Kai was always the face of DigitalRevTV and he is today almost 800,000. subscribers. And it still delivers interesting movies.

On the Kai W channel, we mainly find materials related to photographic equipment, although from time to time there are also various types of guides. Kai has been testing cameras, lenses and accessories for at least 10 years, and in his hands were probably the most important equipment. He has knowledge, comparison, is on every important premiere in the photo industry. His reviews are not rigid, although it can be seen that the creator has already grown a bit from the humor he presented a few years ago. Although his films are not as technically sophisticated as even simple McKinnon vlogs, he still manages to compromise between loose form, affordability, and reliability and professional judgment. In my opinion, he does it best among all photoviglagers.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Although I am not a fan of the style of running this channel, as well as the style of the leaders themselves, but I think that Tony & Chelsea Northrup are doing a valuable job . On their channel, we find a lot of different manuals and equipment tests, as well as various longer and shorter talks on topics related to photography. They also discuss unusual topics, often try to deepen them and explain or understand things more than in many media.


If we are looking for tests of cameras, lenses and smartphones, then the first place on the network we will visit is probably the service. They basically created some test standards on which the industry was more or less modeled. is changing over time, the tests are not that extensive and full of tables, and the creators focus more on practical value. And recently they have also entered YouTube.

For a year, their channel has been run by Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake - gentlemen who have previously made films for TheCameraStoreTV . On the DPReview channel, we find a lot of tests of various types of equipment, comparisons, ratings. The whole is carried out quite calmly and traditions.


If I want to train myself with image editing, this is the first place that PHLEARN is looking at . Professional materials, added regularly, well-assembled, affordable and simple to understand. While of course we embrace the level of English that prevails there.

Chris Hau

Another photographer and filmmaker from Canada who is recording interesting content on YouTube. Chis Hau is not (yet) as well known as Peter McKinnon and has "just" just over 250,000. subscription. Personally, however, I appreciate him very much and gladly visit his channel from time to time. And there you can find a lot of valuable content. From various types of photographic and film guides, vlogs to interesting travel materials around the world. The whole is really well recorded and assembled, and the host Chris Hau has a lot of energy that he can infect.


AdoramaTV is a huge knowledge base about photography. Vlogs from travel, reviews, guides. And all that has been conducted for years by renowned artists like Gavin Hoey, Daniel Norton, Mark Wallace and Vanessa Joy. In a classic but proven style. Without an influential flash, but with a lot of practical knowledge. There is a lot to choose from.

Jakub Kaźmierczyk

In Poland, unfortunately, there are not many channels about photography on YouTube. My leader in this category is Jakub Kaźmierczyk and I can write with my hand that I watch all his materials.

We know Kuba about 10 years. For several good years we worked together on, where Kuba became famous for various kinds of video guides. Today Cuba runs its own YouTube channel. Maybe he does not publish often, but when he does, his materials are extensive and full of knowledge provided in an accessible and natural way. On his channel, you can now find a lot of guide materials, but also tests of various types of equipment. In my opinion, Jakub Kaźmierczyk is currently running the best Polish photo channel. And I hope that it will develop it and publish even more in the near future!

Jacek Siwko

Also on the list could not miss Jacek Siwko and his Niezal Aparatów. Jacek also collaborated with me and wrote about photography, but today he is an independent wedding photographer. For several years, he has been developing a series of podcasts and interviews with photographers. He shares practical and valuable knowledge about wedding photography, as well as running a photographic business.

A few other channels that are, but I look at them only sporadically

Tomasz Zienkiewicz's channels (32 thousand subscriptions) and Michał Kula ( , 38 thousand subscriptions) are also popular for Polish conditions.

This is probably the two largest photographic channels around which their creators built a large community. Both of them have a different character, although on both you can find a lot of different types of photo guides, mainly for beginner photographers.

Karol Kurkowski, who is a photographer and photography teacher, does a very good job. On the " Karol o fotografii " channel, he talks a lot about photography itself, not photographic equipment, which is unfortunately rare in Poland. And he does it professionally, professionally, but accessible and in an interesting way.

Once, I was also following the " Picture in a minute " channel of Borys Nieśpielak, who accurately and authorially commented on various events in the photo industry, new products and tells the stories of well-known photographs. Recently, however, nothing happens on this channel.

Boring TV is developing well, which leads boring guys - Tomasz Tołłoczko and Maciej Suwałowski. I support the development of Paweł Bułat's X-Man channel, who closely observes various types of photographic equipment with an emphasis on Fujifilm cameras.

In my Polish yard I miss a local creator who would often and regularly talk about photography and equipment in a very professional and lifestyl way. Someone with an idea, finesse and see. Someone, like Adrian Kilar , whose films I watch with great pleasure, only talking about photography, not film. Or maybe someone like that already, but I do not know him?

Photographic channels on YouTube that are worth watching


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