OnePlus 7 officially. It has a great specification and a very reasonable price

Although the star of today is OnePlus 7 Pro , the basic OnePlus 7 is also a very important premiere.

OnePlus 7 - the specification makes an impression

oneplus 7 premiere price components camera

OnePlus 7 is the second premiere today. The smartphone has a much more classic casing, which is similar to the OnePlus 6T design. So we have very thin frames around the screen, a small chin and a notch in the shape of a teardrop. The front and back covers Gorilla Glass, and the side frame is made of metal.

The smartphone is certainly extremely fast, because it uses the latest processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. There are two available memory variants: 6 GB RAM + 128 GB and 8 GB RAM + 256 GB. In both cases, we are dealing with a very fast UFS3.0 memory.

OnePlus 7 is a great screen with a fingerprint reader.

oneplus 7 premiere price components camera

The diagonal of the screen is 6.41 inches, and the panel itself is made in Optic AMOLED technology. The screen resolution is FullHD +, adapted to a ratio of 19.5: 9, which gives a pixel density of 402 ppi. The display will provide a vivid color reproduction, because it provides full coverage of the DCI-P3 pallet.

The fingerprint reader has been built directly into the screen, which certainly will not appeal to all users. This solution looks futuristic all the time, but it is slower and more unreliable than traditional readers.

You put two SIM cards into OnePlus 7, but you did not have a mini jack.

oneplus 7 premiere price components camera

The dual SIM card slot is not a hybrid port, so we do not have the option of expanding the memory with a microSD card. The smartphone battery has a capacity of 3700 mAh, and we will charge it via USB-C 3.1 Gen 1. The port supports fast charging (5V, 4A), but the smartphone will not charge wirelessly. The device is equipped with stereo speakers.

OnePlus 7 runs under the control of Android 9 with the OxygenOS overlay. On board we have Wi-Fi support in the ac standard, Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX support, aptX HD, LDAC and AAC, so the audio quality should be at a high level. Importantly, there is also an NFC antenna, so payments by smartphone will be the most possible.

oneplus 7 premiere price components camera

A dual camera can turn out to be one of the strongest on the market.

OnePlus 7 has a double lens at the back. The photo modules are:

  • main camera (Sony IMX 586), 48 megapixels, f / 1.7, OIS
  • an additional camera for depth of field detection, 5 megapixels, f / 2.4.

The smartphone records in 4K at 60 frames / s and 1080p at 480 fps. In turn, the front camera has 16 megapixels (Sony IMX 471) and light f / 2.0.

oneplus 7 premiere price components camera

The main OnePlus 7 camera is the same module that we find in OnePlus 7 Pro. This is great information, because the model camera with the note "Pro" has already been tested by the DxO service and received a fantastic score of 111 points, which is why it took the third place in the ranking . OnePlus 7 will probably provide the same image quality, but less diversity due to the lack of a telephoto lens and ultra wide angle.

OnePlus 7 - prices

OnePlus 7 is available in two price options:

  • 6 GB RAM + 128 GB: 569 euros,
  • 8 GB RAM + 256 GB: 609 euros.

oneplus 7 premiere price components camera

For comparison, the base model of the OnePlus 7 Pro costs 719 euros. Looking at the specification, OnePlus 7 is a great proposition. The smartphone has absolutely top parameters with a few cons (no mini jack and wireless charging), but in return you can buy it at a much lower price than comparable models of competition. So we have a few compromises, but they are matched with the head.

OnePlus 7 officially. It has a great specification and a very reasonable price


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