Number of day: 2 billion

Not one, but two reports. Facebook just gave us such happiness. They show, among others, that most of the Facebook accounts created are fake Polish services, they write a lot, but they should work on the quality of writing, and even Facebook knows that its moderators are sometimes fallible. Amazingly.

Facebook has just published the Transparency Report covering the second half of 2018. In it, the company confesses primarily with cooperation with government agencies and the number and scope of data that it provides to its users. This time, however, it is not the cooperation of Facebook with law enforcement that is the most interesting. A seemingly innocuous report turned out to be more shocking. The one in which Facebook reveals how the company deals with the enforcement of bans and orders created by it, including the ban on creating fake accounts.

Over 2 billion fake accounts

Lord, how much do you want to have these fake Facebook accounts? And, put as much as you can . Such conversations must resound around the world, because the number of fake Facebook accounts is impressive. In the very first quarter of this year Facebook closed them up to PLN 2.19 billion . Let's put it in perspective - the data published by the company in its own financial report shows that there are 2.38 billion active users per month on the platform.

Such a large number of deleted accounts in the first three months of this year, does not mean that until now the platform was in deep respect for the activity of non-existent people on their websites. In the previous quarter 1.2 billion spectral accounts were removed. Their production simply accelerated and so much that more and more squeezed through the mesh woven by the algorithms of the network.

How much or just that? False accounts on Facebook can be more

It may be comforting that false accounts may be a legion, but it is a legion that is rather motionless and very short-lived. According to the report, they only account for 5 percent. monthly activity of users. Accounts are often deleted just after they are created. When someone calls thousands of accounts at once, Facebook does not always block him from simply being able to do it, sometimes he deletes false accounts right after they are created. The main purpose is not just to delete the account, but to make sure that it will not make it into the blue network.

One thing is certain, this number is not overestimated, it can be quite the opposite. Some company critics say that 2.19 billion is the result of cautious estimates that underestimate the scale of the real problem. Facebook can not verify all accounts, and can not report on a number that it is not even able to provide approximately. A large part of such profiles will never be identified and reported only because it looks too credible and does not show overtly suspicious activities.

The moderator is also a man, he has the right to be wrong

Facebook has finally included in its report data that have been demanded for years. For the first time, he shared information on how often people refer to moderators' decisions and how often moderators later agreed to them.

Most appeals were from sentences related to spam, for as much as 21 million times. Nudity and sex-related content found the second honorable place. Facebook's algorithms tend to be more prudish than the biggest devotee, and sometimes they see in the works of art of the works of austerity. Over 1 million appeals have been restored to over 1 million content.

Sometimes the content comes back, even if nobody removes it from their removal. It happens mainly in the case of mass removal of the same post - it is enough for one person to successfully appeal against such a decision and the content is returned to all accounts from which it was downloaded. Similarly, in the case of spam, it sometimes turns out that it was not.

Appetite grows with eating. Governments want more from Facebook

In the second half of last year, the governments of various countries asked Facebook for data 103 815 times, or 7 percent. more often than at its beginning. Stable growth has been consistent since the first report in 2013 and there is no indication that this trend will change quickly. Something else has changed. The percentage of requests that Facebook fulfilled at least in part and dropped down a fraction of the data was less than a percent.

Nobody will really be surprised that the United States is the most demanding of data, followed by India and the United Kingdom. Poland also ranks high in this ranking and lands 9th behind Italy and just before Mexico.

Let somebody teach our services when and how these papers should be submitted

Within half a year, Facebook received 1 912 requests from our services to provide data from 2,359 accounts. Unfortunately, either our services would like to know too much, or they do not know how to properly address such requests. In all of the first 10 most frequently asked, we have the smallest percentage of effectiveness. Facebook decided to transfer data in only 52 percent. make it happen.

The so-called emergency claims are much more effective in the service. When it collapses and burns, and Facebook has to decide immediately whether to pass information, because there is human life at stake (or at least serious injuries), papers in Poland are transferred in 83 percent. cases. Perhaps that is why the services are more and more willing to use this path. In the case of normal procedures, they gain information from American corporations in less than half of the cases (49%). This trend does not harmonize with the global one. On average, the percentage of data acquisition in one and the second way is almost identical and amounts to 73%.

Number of day: 2 billion


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