Nothing more Polish in the world of smartphones will not happen anymore. Here is the Realme X onion edition

If the iPhone is the embodiment of the American dream - big, expensive, does not know anything special, but it is still the best, like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, what smartphone would be the embodiment of the Polish dream?

I must admit that with the Polish smartphone producer, we spent some time a long time thinking about how a smartPLone would look like. Already on the first day we left the city, because the sixteenth floor of Cosmopolitan, when Andżela reportedly repeatedly reported sushi or soy latte, is a mockery, not the spirit of the nation.

First, we left over Zegrze, but it still was not Poland. It was only after a moment of reflection that we ended up somewhere near Rawa Mazowiecka. The president of the largest technology company on the plot still looks like the president of the largest technology company, so we took a bluetooth handset from his ear, threw it into the Apple Watch, pulled off the tight jeans with the big Hilfiger logo and gave Kubota flip-flops. We did not take him a T-shirt with a big CK logo, because it's all Polish, but for the quality of the creative process, we exchanged for the one from TK Maxx, which, however, would feel closer to the Polish nation.

It was an intense three days on the plot. Already on the second day, which stained us with bigos, Russian dumplings and vodka from a producer who does not have a single yacht, Sebastian was grilling his neck in a good way, and the vegetable salad was cut by girls who came to us straight from the plan of new Donatana music videos. We tried to understand the Polish soul.

On the first day we did not invent anything, on the second day we were treating a hangover, while the third day we were begged by deadlines and it started a real brainstorm. First of all: people like how they have a choice, but we can not afford to produce two different smartphones. That is why our Poldek, according to preferences, will hit the market in two colors - Poldek Donald and Poldek Jarek. The first one will have set up tunes from the matches of Lechia Gdańsk in the default, the second in turn jingles from Radio Maryja. Poldek Donald will have a default motif with pictures of Mai Ostaszewska from manifestations, changing several times a day depending on the time of day. Poldek Jarek will have cat murals on the screen.

So much, however, when it comes to the illusory division. Poldek must be universal and cynical to the soul of every Pole. Therefore, the price of the new device is PLN 5,900. Of course, in every supermarket we will sell it in the promotion, for PLN 349, so that everyone can buy it, and the neighbor said that he did not know about any promotion.

We have also come up with the idea that Poldek will have a quick selection of the police, tax office, the nearest 24-hour liquor store and a local parish priest. Poldek will ask us for the profession we are dealing with before installing it. And so, if a buyer, for example, reveals that he is a taxi driver, Poldek will not let him install Uber, but he will emit the message "Oh, is this HIV still there?". Andżela was to prepare separate variants for the teacher, farmers, nurses and lawyers from the Warsaw reprivatization, but she fell in love with the charms of life on the plot and tried to persuade local cats to soy milk.

In general, the work on Poldek went a bit uphill, because we had a quick fight with each other. Sebastian wanted the phone to stop working after crossing the German border, and I urged him to automatically hide all the article about pedophilia in the Polish church and defame the great Pole, Sławoj Leszek Głódź.

Valiant, grumpy (Andżela thanked God that there was no saber on the plot) we decided to sell Poldek to the Chinese. Has something meaningful come out of it? And this is hard to say, while Realme X, created on the basis of our idea, just goes on sale in a special version of the color, adapted to the Polish market. This is Realme X Onion Edition (Garlic Edition is also available). A smartphone with a sliding camera and a fingerprint reader embedded in a 6.5-inch screen, and with a casing in a color inspired by ... onion.

Nothing more Polish in the world of smartphones will not happen anymore. Here is the Realme X onion edition


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