No complexes. Electronics Show 2019 is a world-class trade fair

Not so long ago, the only sensible consumer electronics trade fair took place far beyond the borders of Poland. Meanwhile, for the second year in a row, we are enjoying such a prestigious event within the reach of local communication.

IFA, CES, MWC ... what links all these abbreviations? The fact that it is at these events that the leading representatives of the electronics industry present their latest products and solutions on them. And the fact that they all take place outside of our country. Enthusiasts of new technologies must therefore spend a lot of money on the journey to experience the future on their own.

Meanwhile, only recently - just suddenly for a year - in our country there are also organized fairs of similar format. Electronics Show 2019 is less than an hour of travel by communication from the center of Warsaw. And the power of attractions that have so far been famous for events such as the Berlin IFA.

Electronics Show 2019 . A great electronics exhibition in Poland.

From 10 to 12 May at the PTAK Expo in Nadarzyn near Warsaw you will be able to see the latest technical solutions. From typical and predictable gadgets - such as the latest mobile phones - to the equipment used in space missions. Some of the events will be prime ministers, which will certainly be of interest to enthusiasts from other countries as well.

It will be at the Electronics Show 2019 that you will be able to see for the first time a foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold mobile phone - a revolutionary design that has a chance to completely change the market of portable devices. And as far as Samsung is concerned, the fairs in Nadarzyn will be a great opportunity to experience for the first time the image quality offered by 8K TV sets and their algorithms reconstructing the image to such a high resolution.

We also expect many interesting presentations from leading companies dealing with digital sound. Skymaster will also appear at the fair, presenting its newly-launched portfolio of electric vehicles. Even the gastronomy enthusiasts will find something for themselves: the latest gadgets for the kitchen will be presented by such producers as Whirlpool, Nespresso, Philips, BSH, Gerlach, Unilever, Aged, or Groupe Seb. We can expect many live cooking shows and free food tasting prepared on smart stoves and pans made using space technology.

And all within the range of a free bus from the center of Warsaw.

electronics show 2019

The fair will be available free of charge from the center of Warsaw, from the Centrum 03 stop located next to the Towar Towarowy Warship Store, at Marszałkowska St., near the exit of the Centrum metro station. There will be 10 courses on Friday, and 25 on Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, we can use traditional communication. The lines 703 and 711 from the Krakowska P + R depot to the Paszków stop or lines 733 to the Centrum Mody stop. You can also, of course, by car: the journey from the city center should take about 20 minutes.

I'm very happy about it. In the end, we've come to a time when a trip to this type of event for fans and enthusiasts is a matter of planning one day of the weekend. And not a long aviation trip, for which you have to put money down. I congratulate the organizers for courage. Although, considering the fact that this is the second edition of the fair, it looks like it is financially profitable, too. And that for the year we can count on a repeat.

No complexes. Electronics Show 2019 is a world-class trade fair


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