New on Google search. The integration of News with search results is coming

For the average recipient, this change is just a tuning of the appearance of Google search results. In practice, however, we are talking about a fundamental change that can affect how we consume information.

Augmented reality in the search results may sound more "sexy", but let's be honest - it's a bajer, which most of us probably will not use.

Much more important is what we see by entering a search query and what content appears before our eyes when we search for information on a given topic.

Today, the view of search results in 100 percent. depends on website optimization (SEO) and the history of our queries. Soon, however, Google will integrate the Google News app with search results to present information in a whole new way.

The new Google search engine will tell you what happened, but it will tell you from different perspectives.

Suppose we ask Google about an event. After entering the question, our eyes will not only show the best positioned articles, but also additional information. During the presentation on the slogan "black hole", the latest news, information expanding the context, sources of knowledge about black holes, additional images, and even the timeline, presenting the information in chronological order were shown.

In addition, they will host good podcasts in the search results. If there is a broadcast on a given topic, we'll find out about it directly on the main page of search results. I do not want to sound overly optimistic, but this may mean a further increase in the podcast boom, as more people will discover new programs by accident, entering queries on Google, and convincing themselves to the voice format.

This is a new challenge for the media, but a good (hopefully) change for recipients.

Basing search results solely on SEO has its good and bad sides. From the perspective of online media publishers, this means that you only have to play according to Google's rules to basically be confident at the top of the results list.

From the perspective of the recipient, however, this is not always the ideal situation, because by entering the query they get the results not necessarily the best, which is simply ... the best positioned. And positioning is not always done with your head. Many websites position one article into a few passwords, including - unfortunately - sometimes for passwords not related to the topic of the article at all (for example: you are looking for information about one series, and information about a completely different one is displayed.

Changes to the Google search engine mean that now every search will gain additional context, and displaying several sources side by side will allow the recipients to decide for themselves what they want to see.

As a representative of online media, I am a bit afraid of this change, because I know that it will require further changes and adapt to the new rules of the game. And it is always difficult.

As a recipient, however, I am very happy. The higher the bar is set to the Internet media, the better search results will be obtained by entering the search engine query. I only hope that the new rules of the search engine do not mean that in practice it will become a "pay to play" environment, and instead of seeing the best in the results, we will see what someone paid the most for.

New on Google search. The integration of News with search results is coming


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