My smartphone is haunted. The OnePlus 7 Pro screen touches itself

My OnePlus 7 Pro is haunted. Yours probably too.

At first I thought it was my fault. Or a screen curved unnecessarily, which - like the Galaxy S10 - registers the touch on the edges. How else can I explain that in quite random moments the smartphone returned to the main screen, performed the action "backwards", or (sometimes) a whole series of actions, eg moving back to the previous screen and closing the application?

I thought I was guilty, for a week or so. In the end, the problem mainly occurred when I was juggling a smartphone in one hand, eg trying to reach the stories stories on Instagram, or touch the notification on the beam. And then I came to the OnePlus forum , where it turned out that my OnePlus 7 Pro ... is haunted. And this is not an isolated case.

OnePlus 7 Pro camera

OnePlus 7 Pro has a screen problem

At random moments, random taps of the screen occur. There are no rules for them, no way to predict them, they do not show any repetitive pattern. I tried to record a screen video of this strange behavior, but as for the anger when you turn on the recording, the problem ceases to appear just after the recording.

However, this was achieved by another user, below you can see on the film about what behavior we are talking about:

If you have purchased OnePlus 7 Pro and you want to verify whether the problem also occurs in you, you can do it in two ways, proposed by users of the OnePlus forum:

  • Install the CPU-Z application and monitor sudden changes in the phone's behavior
  • Start the "show taps" option in the programming options and carefully watch the screen while waiting for spectral tapping

I confirmed the problem on my copy with both methods, just like many users reporting a problem on the forum.

Software upgrade is probably not enough.

Some of the affected users are hoping that it will be resolved by an update, but there is little chance there. There are two reasons. First of all, OnePlus is aware of the fault and in response to user complaints, it is recommended to fill in the return form of the device. So the manufacturer himself prefers to replace the copy with a new one.

Second, the problem passes as the hand took away after turning off the NFC. Several users have suggested this solution, and in fact, it is enough to deprive the phone of the possibility of contactless payment for the screen to behave normally. So I'm betting that there is some interference on the line of the NFC chip and the display, not the strange behavior in the software.

This is of course only my speculation, but for now the only remedy seems to be to replace the smartphone with a new one, while OnePlus must quickly identify the fault and make sure that the next batch of the product that will leave the factory will not be exposed to it.

Let's not go crazy.

As is usually the case, some media, but in particular users not in contact with the device, exaggerate the problem. I've managed to find dozens of comments from Xiaomi, Apple and other pseudo-enthusiasts who disparage OnePlus 7 Pro because of this slip in the morning.

It is a fact, the problem exists. But is it as serious and troublesome as the Galaxy Note 7 auto-ignition or permanently discolored Huawei Mate 20 Pro screen? I do not think so. And I say this, using a smartphone which is affected by this test - it is not really as troublesome as some people try to convince, although without a doubt it would be cumbersome to exchange the device for new ones if I bought this phone for my own money.

However, I have no doubt that if OnePlus already knows about the problem, it will do everything to solve it. In the end, it would be a shame if this otherwise excellent product gained a bad reputation due to - probably - one flawed production batch.

I feel sorry for those consumers whose devices are "haunted". But I absolutely can not advise against the purchase of OnePlus 7 Pro on this basis, because it is one of the best Android smartphones ever made and in the end you can buy it in Polish stores .

My smartphone is haunted. The OnePlus 7 Pro screen touches itself


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