Move, Safari. On Mac from today, we can work on the Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft's servers got an early test version of the Edge browser for macOS. As for a product that is clearly under construction, the application looks and works amazingly well.

One of the many arguments for abandoning the original Spartan (the foundation of the classic version of the Edge browser) to the Chromium community developed by the open source community (foundation of Chrome, Opera and Brave) was the desire for faster and more efficient expansion to other platforms than Windows 10. The new Microsoft Edge has already hit Android (the iOS version is just a Safari overlay), it is tested on Windows 10, and soon it will also have a version for Windows 7 and Windows 8. And from now you can test it on macOS.

Microsoft Edge from the Canary channel (so the most unstable and the least tested) is now available in the Apple computer version. Browser version 76.x can be downloaded unofficially from Microsoft's servers, or there will be an official download link on this site at any moment.

This is the first time since 2003 when you can use the browser created by Microsoft on the macOS / OS X system. In the years 1997-2003, Microsoft offered the Internet Explorer browser as part of a temporary alliance with Apple. Is it better than then? Oh, definitely yes.

Microsoft Edge on macOS is a modern browser, consistent with development trends. It is also light and fast.

Almost every website on Microsoft Edge for macOS works flawlessly and without errors, although it is by no means a surprise. After all, its foundation is Chromium, so the Blink and V8 mechanisms under which almost all creators of websites optimize their work.

As part of the welcome, the Edge asks us if we want to import data from other browsers that we have installed on the computer. It will also ask you to select the default view of the new tab, which may present Bing's wallpaper, search engine, most visited sites, and finally a stream of messages from the Microsoft News service.

By default, it also includes several layers of protection against malware and mechanisms that may violate privacy. Unfortunately, there is no interface in Polish yet. Synchronization of data and browser status is not working for now (or rather works only with other test versions of the new Edge).

Chrome users have nothing to miss. In addition to tracking scripts.

Microsoft, which seems obvious, has not decided to add Google's mechanisms from the Chrome browser to its browser. He only added the mechanism of Microsoft Account, which is responsible for synchronizing data about us between our devices and the cloud. This does not mean, however, that we must give up the wealth of the so-called Google ecosystem.

Edge has its own modest directory of extensions and additions. However, in the settings you can unlock the possibility of installing them from other sources. This means that using the poppy edge we can visit - for example - the Chrome Web Store and install almost any extension from that directory. It will work without the slightest problem, we also checked the extensions from Google.

Premeditated, however, I used the word "almost" here. As mentioned above, Microsoft did not enrich Edge with elements that differentiate Chromium from Chrome. This means that if an extension is based on Google services built into the browser of that provider, it may not work correctly. For now, however, I did not find such an extension - as I mentioned, there are even those created by Google.

Edge on macOS is also another front for PWA.

Apple is very cautiously entering the developer's revolution, which is Progressive Web Apps (PWA). These are applications written entirely in web languages, but that can work offline, operate in the background or send notifications even when they are closed.

These types of applications are run in their own windows without a browser interface. Their native support in macOS is currently in its infancy, but it is about to change. However, they can now be installed using modern browsers - such as Chrome or Firefox - as intermediaries. Of course, you can also use Edge to install them.

When we visit such an application (in the text I use as an example), Edge at the top of the screen will inform us that the application can be installed. From now on it will be visible on the list of all applications in macOS and recognized by the system search engine. It will also be run without the Edge interface in its own window. Unfortunately, for now, macOS does not offer system support for PWA, so the Edge icon will appear anyway after running the application in the dock. This, however, will change with the future system upgrade.

Microsoft Edge on macOS - when the stable version?

microsoft edge macos

This, unfortunately, we do not know yet. We do not know even when the stable version of the new Edge will hit Windows 10. For now, the new browser version for everyone - and not just willing testers that accept the risk of working on an unfinished product - is available exclusively on Android.

An optimistic scenario (anecdotal rumors) says the end of June. However, I would expect the new Edge in the production version to appear with the release of Windows 10 19H2, which should be expected at the turn of September and October. Let the rumors, however, be right, because Edge undoubtedly gives me many reasons to make him my main browser. Unfortunately, while it is a version of Canary, Dev or Beta, I can not give him such confidence.

* Cooperation: Rafał Gdak, Przemysław Pająk

Move, Safari. On Mac from today, we can work on the Microsoft Edge browser


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