Microsoft has just given the sense of switching to Edge. The ace in the sleeve is privacy

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Why should I remove Chrome from my computer or phone to Microsoft from Edge? There have been so many reasons so far. Microsoft, however, has an ace in the sleeve, which many people suspected. Yes, it's about privacy protection.

Microsoft abandoned the further development of the Spartan platform based on which the Edge browser was built. Its future version - though available today in the Android version - will use Chromium , the same foundation that uses Chrome, Opera or Brave.

We have already tested the new Edge in a very early development version. It promises to be an efficient and convenient browser, which is not only fully compatible with the technical trends of the Web, but also brings a few interesting details, thanks to which communing with the Internet is a bit more efficient.

"Ciut" and "little things." Where's the real incentive to give up Chrome? Edge will bet the same as Brave. So for privacy.

The new Edge, as a rule, does not contain built-in tracking and profiling mechanisms from Google - this is one of the differences that separates Chrome from Chromium. However, this may not be enough for those who have got used to Chrome and who do not see the point in changing the browser. Microsoft, though it gives and other reasons, such as better support for protected multimedia , integration with the company's services or a slightly different interface, are arguments for enthusiasts. How to convince the majority of users to the change, what is the change?

As we learned from the Build conference, Microsoft Edge will give us full control over the information we share with websites and web applications. A simple and intuitive privacy management center will be added to the browser, the operation of which should be understandable even for lay people.

edge protection of privacy

The browser will be able to operate in three modes: unlimited, balanced and protected. Each of these modes is a different set of permissions for tracking mechanisms from third parties.

All you need to do is choose the right mode (which you can see in detail when someone wants it) and we are, at least theoretically, protected from unwanted spying and profiling. From the very beginning, it was expected that Microsoft would create a secure Chromium - a pleasure that these predictions worked well. Undoubtedly, these are mechanisms that work in our interest.

Last farewell to Internet Explorer.

edge protection of privacy

Even in the bowels of Windows 10 invariably the ancient Internet Explorer browser is embedded, even though Microsoft has abandoned it years ago to Edge. It is maintained due to the business customers of the company, who to this day rely on web applications written just for this old Microsoft browser and which do not work on Edge or competition solutions. This must end sometime and the new Edge takes an important step in this direction.

The future version of the browser will be able to open the cards "in IE mode". So you do not have to run the prehistoric browser on Windows just to make sure that some old application works. This means not only the order on the Desktop, but also the ease for corporate IT departments who no longer have to supervise two separate browsers on employees' computers.

Artificial intelligence in amazing collections.

edge protection of privacy

This is the most mysterious of the functions, because in truth ... I do not believe in its efficient operation. In particular in combination with the Polish language. Collections are a mechanism built into the Edge, which on the basis of SI algorithms is able to understand the structure of information on a given website, so that they can be transferred in an appropriate form to Office format files. For example, you can automatically create an Excel spreadsheet with a list of prices of goods that you are currently viewing in the online store.

This function is currently "tested internally" and it will take some time before it goes to beta-testers. No wonder, this is an extremely ambitious undertaking and I'm afraid that Microsoft can deal with it. Although, even if I'm not mistaken, Edge still becomes an extremely attractive alternative to Chrome. Unfortunately, it is not clear when its beta tests will end or when it will be available for macOS and older versions of Windows.

Microsoft has just given the sense of switching to Edge. The ace in the sleeve is privacy


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