Microsoft argues that access to artificial intelligence is too complicated and needs to be simplified

As previously announced , Microsoft puts a lot of emphasis on the use of artificial intelligence in solutions created by programmers at the Build conference.

Many sessions are devoted to both the technical aspects of creating such solutions and presentations of Microsoft partners showing how they can be used. They all have one common denominator: the belief that access to applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning is too complicated and needs to be simplified.

New in Azure Cognitive Services

To this end, a set of tools known as Azure Cognitive Services was created. During the session at the Build conference, new products are shown that aim to better adopt this tool. These are:

  • Ink Recognizer - a service that allows you to recognize handwritten letters, letters, words, basic shapes and freely defined gestures.
  • Form Recognizer - a powerful service, analyzing completed forms (provided eg in PDF format). They can be filled in manually or printed, they automatically map field descriptions to our data model and enable export in basic formats such as JSON or XML.

  • Personalizer - part of the decision support system. This feature was discussed during the presentation using the example of how Microsoft used it to create the Xbox One start screen. As it is known, it contains proposals for games, challenges and content tailored to the specific player. They have been created recently on the basis of his behavior, his friends, what he plays and at what times, and the achievements gained in games.

Effect? 40 percent increase in interaction with objects on the start screen! They have simply become more interesting for players.

Anomaly Detector in turn is a service trained in searching for anomalies in our data. This may be useful in business, to detect the upcoming crisis or the need to order additional stock.

Conversations with applications - not yet in Polish

On the example of the partner company LaLiga, dealing with the presentation of sports results, Microsoft presented the possibility of searching for information by means of a conversation. The conversation with the bot (created in the Azure Bot Service, using speech recognition services and voice generator) can be done in English or Spanish. Users of LaLiga can, for example, ask a question Did Barcelona win over the weekend and receive a sensible answer.

Knowledge search

Instead of searching for data, knowledge searching will become common in the near future. On the example of collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Microsoft presented how Azure Cognitive Search extracts information from various media (photography, films, documents) and creates new values ​​- such combinations and applications that people did not analyze when analyzing them.

It's just the beginning

More advanced users can reach for Azure Machine Learning. This service gives you more control over the networks you train. In the preview version there are such new functions in it:

  • Automation of machine learning using a new graphical user interface.
  • Machine Learning Notebooks - the notion of a notebook has been used by data researchers for a long time. Azure is compatible with them (including the known open-source Jupyt)
  • MLOps - the functions of configuration and creation of learned models for DevOps - allows for model distribution, re-training, validation and aggregation - all from a coherent Azure DevOps interface.

Watching the Azure AI applications presentation works on me so that I want to sit down to the computer and try out each of the presented services. During the demonstration it looks so easy ...

Microsoft argues that access to artificial intelligence is too complicated and needs to be simplified


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