Lilium promises that we will get into the flying taxi in just 6 years

Startup from Munich is working on the implementation of one of the more tempting promises made to the next generations by science-fiction movies - the sky-high taxi.

The dreams of a flying car are shared by everyone who had an unparalleled pleasure to stand in a traffic jam on Zakopianka or its equivalent in any other country. In this case, the company's heads give specific deadlines. And the ones that most of us will live to. The Lilium Jet air taxi network is to start operating in 2025.

The Lilium Jeta prototype has already made its maiden flight, although it is quite a lofty term. The electric-powered vehicle from 36 engines rose into the air earlier this month and then gracefully landed. Today, the company decided to show off this achievement to a wider audience and to announce its future plans.

In less than two years we have managed to design, build and successfully fly a plane that will serve as a model for mass production (...). Lilium Jet is beautiful, we were delighted to see it rise to the sky for the first time. Thanks to the perfect balance of range and speed, our plane has a chance to positively influence the way people around the world live and travel - said Daniel Wiegand, CEO of the company.

Lilium Jet. Such Uber , only in the air.

The company boasts about the effectiveness of its project. Thanks to the use of wings, instead of the propellers used by the over-sized drones, the 2000-horsepower Lilium Jeta engine will allow the machine to accelerate up to 300 km / h. Its maximum range is 300 km.

Travel from Munich to Nuremberg, which is 152 km away, 32 minutes. In one hour and one minute, the plane would reach Frankfurt (298 km). In 16 min. from London to Cambridge (79 km).

Lilium is going to create a fleet of vehicles that will work like sky taxis. Five seats are one of the important advantages over smaller competition vehicles. The company plans to start operations around 2025, but it promises to start earlier in selected locations.

I 'm not hiding that I'm skeptical about the vision of the widespread use of flying vehicles in my lifetime. The dream of flying cars has been with us for a long time, but it is only recently that it has mastered not only the minds of the Kowalski drivers who are stuck in the infinity, but also engineers who try to implement them.

In order for the taxicabs to be able to operate effectively and be profitable, even a dense network of landing pads in cities is needed, and thus the problem of noise that generates engines is needed. These are just some of the challenges facing the industry. For now, however, we hear mainly promises. Lilium has taken an important step, but it is still at the beginning of its path.

Lilium promises that we will get into the flying taxi in just 6 years


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