Let s say this openly: Huawei has very few survival options

As a result of US sanctions, Huawei is not only cut off from the lucrative US market, but also from US partners and technologies. And these are even used on the domestic market.

Huawei invariably makes a good face for a bad game. The president of the company, in various western media, maintains that his company was preparing for the crisis related to cooperation with the American market and that it will in effect be more lossy in the whole commotion. Ren Zhengfei, because I am talking about him, is certainly a great authority. He founded a company that became a giant in almost all industries it touched. Or he is on a good road.

However, I can not fail to approach Mr. Zhengfei's assurances. Successive Western partners suspend the business relationship with Huawe, not only cutting off the company from hardware and software suppliers, but also preventing its further development of its own solutions. Because these, to a greater or lesser extent, are based on the intellectual property of Western companies.

Let's start with integrated circuits. The suspension of cooperation with Intel and ARM hits almost all Huaweia business sectors.

A few moments ago , we learned that ARM suspended cooperation with Huawe . This means that the Chinese company must start designing its processors almost from scratch. The vast majority of Huawei systems - including consumer-installed Kirin systems or in server and telecommunication products - Kunpeng systems - use the architecture licensed from ARM.

Kirin 980

Huawei can produce in any quantities all processors that have already been reported to ARM. However, he can not design new ones. I mean, maybe. But they can not use the intellectual property of ARM. It is extremely doubtful that Huawei would have ready - made integrated circuits from scratch just in case .

The problems are also with Intel, which also suspended cooperation with the Chinese company. Huawei will not be able to get its processors to its laptop line, and above all to its servers.

It is not clear how further cooperation with Microsoft will look like - although removal from the Microsoft Store's links to laptops Matebook may be a hint - but if Huawei also loses access to Windows, and above all Windows Server and Microsoft's server and network products, it has another problem . It will not quickly replace it with software built even on Linux - due to the requirements of its customers - and also can not ask AMD for help regarding ICs. After all, AMD uses American intellectual property.

Let's assume, however, theoretically, that Huawei will solve the problem of hardware and server solutions. But it is no chance on the consumer market anyway.

Not counting the domestic - and, I must admit, huge - market, the inability to continue cooperation with Google condemns Huawei to banishment. For nothing using the Android Open Source Project, Hongmeng's proprietary operating system for nothing . This is about the applications. And these to a large extent use Google services. And no, I can not make a quick change to Microsoft or Amazon, it's also American companies.


Google's services are completely foreign to Chinese citizens who have long been brought up in such services as WeChat or Baidu. Huawei with its AOSP or Hongmeng will be able to meet the needs of the local client. We, Europeans, like the rest of the world, Baidu and WeChat will not help anything. Without Google or Microsoft or any other western company, Huaweia's hardware will become absolutely uninteresting for us. Because almost no popular app will work on them.

What does this mean for Huaweia's business and corporate clients?

There is no answer to this question yet, as we still have too little information. The unclear future with Microsoft and the break of cooperation with ARM are severe blows, and let us not forget that from the list of Huawei partners disappeared such suppliers of components as Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Infineon Technologies, Micron Technology and Western Digital.

Unfortunately, we do not know yet how much it will affect the company's telecommunications offer and services. We can, however, be certain that this Huawei branch will be particularly important when negotiating sanctions. It is commercially more important for Huaweia, and it is based on a large part of the telecommunications infrastructure of the western world.

What does this mean for those of us who have bought a Huawei or Honor phone, tablet or notebook?

Holders of Huaweia PCs can sleep peacefully. Each Windows 10 development upgrade involves automatic transfer of licenses to the new version and this will not change. Sensational Matebooks will keep writing perfectly and will continue to be updated and serviced. Although unfortunately their refreshed versions will not be available for sale at least until the crisis is resolved.

The situation with Huawei and Honor's phones and tablets is slightly different. These will continue to be serviced , so they will receive security-related patches. Play services will also retain full functionality, including the Play Store upgrade module. However, Huawei will no longer be able to offer development updates for its products, such as upgrade to Android Q.

The company has less than 90 days to compile updates for all telephones planned for it, and in theory it has a chance to do so. All you need to do is to create a beta version of the new EMUI for those interested in these devices - updates to the stable version are already service, not development. However, this is a very difficult task, considering the variety of equipment and time pressure. And in addition, it is not clear whether it is profitable. A company that cares about customers - despite the fact that it basically coils up? That would be something unique.

Let's say this openly: Huawei has very few survival options


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