I will die of hunger once. The order from Pyszne.pl did not arrive again on time

Yes. I know. Problems of the first world. My food did not arrive again in the set time. But since Wyborcza asked a question about "the end of cooking", because the Poles so willingly switched to ordering food, then I can complain about how much you have to wait for these orders.

In Wyborcza, I read :

In a few years, in smaller households consisting of two or three people, cooking will not be profitable - says Piotr Kruszyński, Managing Director of Pizzaportal.pl. - There will also be more and more households in which no one will be able to cook - he predicts.

A tempting vision. In the end, not everyone must like cooking. And cooking is like driving a car - sometimes it's fun to go crazy, but in the long run it's secondary, tedious, repetitive and boring. That is why we think about putting the steering wheel in the hands of the autopilot. It is identical with cooking.

In Wyborcza, I read that:

Longer working hours mean that we have less time to prepare meals. We prefer to spend our free time on our passions or friends, not on cooking - notes Arkadiusz Krupicz, co-founder and managing director of the portal Pyszne.pl.

I agree. Sometimes, there is no time to sit by the garages. Even the longest selection of food on Pyszne.pl is faster than self-cooking a dish that would be close to what we ordered online.

But since we are talking about time and its lack, then let's move smoothly until delivery.

The order is convenient and quick, only then is it unfortunate waiting ...

I order Pyszne.pl regularly. I have my favorite dumpling there, I have a nice pub with Polish cuisine, I have a great burger shop, and sometimes I also order some sushi or pizza. It's all comfortable, fast, relatively cheap, and delicious. Just wait ...

In the last 10 of my orders in Pyszne.pl only 2 arrived on time. So on the date I chose when placing the order. The remaining 8 orders were 30 to 60 minutes late.

Of course, according to the Pyszne.pl system, orders are not late. They were about time. But about the time that the restaurants set themselves. I set 15:00, and the pub changes to 15:50. The food really arrives at 15:57, and the supplier is proud of himself, smiles and counts on a big tip. I am lying on the floor dying of hunger.

What's worse, ordering well in advance also does not pass the exam. After these unpleasant experiences I decided to outwit the system and I ordered food a few hours before the planned dinner time. Sneezes. They also changed their delivery time and arrived too much too late. I was hungry again and made sandwiches to get to the proper meal.

I asked Pyszne.pl why you have to wait so much and why the client does not know that his order has been postponed. But no one answered. Maybe all of them died of hunger ?!

Of course, I know that Pyszne.pl is not responsible for the time of the contract, but provides a platform that serves to communicate between the customer and the restaurant. And the communication is that if I set any order conditions, and someone changes them, then I should be informed in an appropriate way. SMS. Mail. Pigeon.

Oh, if I ate gooves ... I'm sorry, but I'm writing this text waiting well over an hour for my burger and sweet potato fries.

Delicious allows you to track the order status via a special link. If you click on this link, you can see how much time is left and whether the courier is already traveling with food. My supposedly is going. You give a guest! Avoid these plugs and deliver a burger!

Back to the topic. Yes, there is this link. But as a customer I have no obligation to sit with the order status open all the time to keep track of whether the restaurant has changed my delivery date. When this happens, I would like to get either an SMS or an email. Possibly a dove, if the burger does not arrive.

I will die of hunger once. The order from Pyszne.pl did not arrive again on time


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