I switched from the Orange Flex card offer - I explain how it works and why it is worth it

Orange 's new offer has caused quite a stir. And that it is best and easiest to speak, writing about what you use, I decided to test Orange Flex ... on myself. And on your main, only phone number.

What have I used so far?

Of probably one of the best - at least for my needs - offers on the market: Orange Free. For 25 zlotys I had almost ( almost will be here key) everything without limit, and also an internet package, which from month to month was doing so great that I could give it to the whole family and still would be. Before moving to Orange Flex, there was ... almost 500 GB of transfer on my account. For what and for what? I do not know, but it looked good.

I forgot about subscriptions a long time ago. I do not see in them absolutely no added value, but only an absurd financial and calendar commitment with an abstract term of validity. If I want new equipment, I buy it in the store for cash or installments. If I want to change the service provider - I change in a few moments. Just like when I get bored with Netflix and decide to watch HBO - I close my commitment day by day and start new ones. That's how it should work everywhere.

If you had such a good offer, why did you change it at all?

A good question with a few answers.

The first reason for change may be funny for many people in 2019, but for me it was really significant. In Orange Free, almost everything is unlimited. Almost does not include - seriously - MMSs. And I send a lot of these regularly. Sure, I'm aware that it's the times of WhatsApp and Messenger, but first of all I'm not a fan of them, and secondly - I like to have one application for information, both on the computer and on the smartphone. So, inevitably, the mass of photos sent by me goes to recipients in the form of MMS, for which I have to pay separately at Orange Free due to the lack of an appropriate package.

And that alone was a reason for me to pay those 6 zlotys a month to Orange Flex and have peace of mind. Because yes - the cheapest Orange Flex tariff (6 GB, the rest without a limit) is just 6 PLN more expensive than the basic reasonable Orange Free package. And yes, we get less transfer in it, because 6 instead of 10 GB, but for me it is not a problem - I do not have such a milling , and Orange Flex also has its solutions to this problem.

Reason two? Application. My Orange is fine, but Orange Flex is much, much better. Lighter, faster, more convenient, more modern, with better summary and analysis of network activity, much better suggesting the necessary additional packages. Including roaming packages - just select the country to which you go, choose the size of the data package, click and already - paid, you can go. Without searching through a million tabs and submenus.

Besides, I was just curious in the world. And that this offer without any obligations, I decided to try. The more that Orange announced that it would be easy and convenient.

So to check it, I tried to activate Orange Flex ... without leaving the bed. I will not say - I can not complain about my work.

We start, of course, from downloading the application to an iOS or Android smartphone. And that's what I like.

If I started from starting to go to the living room , the whole would not make much sense. But here is luckily different - we can forgive ourselves going to the salon, just like - in the case of eSIM support devices - go to the store for the card. We buy a phone, download the application and after a while we can be online, make calls and send SMSes.

First things first.

After starting the application you must log in. This can be done via Facebook, Google or our email account. I chose the last option.

Just to introduce yourself ...

And we are already one step away from activating Orange Flex. Seriously.

However, you must first choose the tariff plan that interests you. I chose the most basic version.

According to Orange, it is suitable - in terms of the size of the data packet - to check e-mails and watch videos in poor resolution, but I would not be so negative about it. It should be enought. There are also, of course, more expensive options.

I would not mind if Orange Flex tariffs started at the price of Orange Free and offered a little more gigabytes. But I will not complain - probably those 6 and so I will not be able to use it in a month.

All tariffs are very easy. These additions with a small print are hints and additional information, not details that complement the offer.

Orange Flex also allows - from the application level - to order an additional SIM card, eg for a second phone or tablet. The number stays the same.

Unfortunately, we will not take advantage of Apple Watch in Orange Flex . But maybe some time ...

If, on the other hand, my 6 GB package would be far too small, I have a few extra large packages to choose from that I can turn on at any time.

The most important of them are Social Pass, Video Pass and Music Pass. I activated only the last one, because ... it is free for the first few months.

Ok, I take it!

After this stage, we choose whether we want to transfer our current number to Orange Flex, or if we want to start again. I chose the first option.

Importantly, if we have an eSIM support phone, we do not have to wait for the courier for option number two. We activate the whole from the level of the phone!

Of course, on Orange Flex, we can transfer not only from pre-paid tariffs.

Enter the number of the current phone ...

... and we enter the code received for it.

We have to verify our identity later. This is done in one of two ways.

If you already have a number in Orange, just enter our PESEL number - that's it. If not, we need to send a personal ID scan and a photo of our face for verification. I did not have to test the latter solution, just as I did not have to wait for a courier who, after a verification, would bring me a physical SIM card (if my phone did not support eSIM or I would not have an Orange card so far).

However, it turned out that my number has been registered for a dozen or so years ... for my mother. Oops.

It is worth remembering: when moving from the card to Orange Flex, we can not save the funds collected. Detriment.

Let's also choose how to send notifications (but not those advertising - all of them are fortunately unchecked by default).

At the end, we are adding a payment card to our account - as in Netfliks or other HBOs:

And ... that's it. We are waiting for activation.

In my case, a few minutes of a break in access to services. However, the application itself refreshed the correct tariff after about an hour. Is that exactly how it should look like - I'm not sure. Maybe it's a matter of starting the service, maybe interest?

The application itself is great.

Simple, clear and fast. At the bottom, there are packages that we can use and shortcuts to purchase them. For example, thanks to a few clicks, you can buy unlimited access to video services (although it is difficult to say that it is cheap), a package for music transfer or the most ordinary additional data packet in the world. You can also instantly check if one of the packages ends by accident. A pleasant option is also to check the data consumption by type (eg video, music), which will allow us to decide whether we would really like the Music or Video Pass.

Yes, a lot of it can be done in Orange Free, but it is definitely not so comfortable. And for the convenience, unfortunately, you have to pay.

Am I staying with Orange Flex ?

For now - definitely yes, if only because of the unfortunate MMS and a great application, which I will probably reach during holiday trips (roaming packages). In a few months I will probably take a look at the bills to see if such a transition actually paid off for me and whether these 6 zlotys were also worth the transition from one offer to another. And if 6 GB from the basic variant is not enough, it is not enough - although I have no doubts here.

However, I do not conceal my disappointment with one element, though niche in such a way that it is virtually irrelevant in all of this opinion. Orange Flex can be ordered from the application as eSIM and have it immediately on the phone. You can also place a second card with the same number with one click. But Apple Watcha LTE still in this offer will not be used to the full extent and you have to wait for a while. It is a pity, because I can not wait to buy it and use it at will, without having to tangle into any subscription.

I switched from the Orange Flex card offer - I explain how it works and why it's worth it


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