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I have a habit: I fire Anthem, I fly with my breath and I cry over how good this game could be

Anthem is the biggest image and development defeat of BioWare since ... the founding of BioWare. Once worn by the cRPG producers, they released a product that was extremely unfinished, soaking their eyes with the biggest and most faithful fans. Effect? Today no one can remember about Anthem basically. Beyond me. I like to run this game and cry over it. - No, honey, what were you, I cut the onions .

Anthem was one of those games that ... did not get a full-sized review on Spider's Web. Demo game BioWare called a spectacular catastrophe . I also did not leave a dry thread on EA's publishing policy regarding this title. During subsequent pre-premiere tests I noticed progress, but I still sniffed. Then I described the first impressions for you, giving them a meaningful title " Doleć, obron, zabijaja. The missions in Anthem are a copy of Destina's and The Division's problems . " As for the full, comprehensive review ...

Honestly? I did not feel like it.

It was a pity to spend the next dozen or so - a few dozen hours in a game that does not respect my time. Which is more of a technological demo showing the possibilities of the engine than the true shooter looter. On the horizon there were too many good games to focus on Anthem. I tried to push this title for review from my editors, but without much success. They knew what was coming.

I run Anthem more often now than I launched during the premiere period.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that during the premiere the game worked in a check. Connection to servers has never been stable. The missions were able to reset. Opponents disappeared before my eyes. Exploration of Fort Tarsis was tedious and boring, while the tasks on the world map were repetitive and painfully schematic. The game was devoured by idiots, which should never appear in a project of such a scale and budget. No possibility to change equipment during the mission? Really BioWare?

It's better now. It is still not good, but the game is finally suitable for testing. It implements such basic mechanisms as immediate transition to the next mission. Earlier, it was necessary to return to the city and then re-enter the futuristic armor. So, I'm flying over a land full of mountains and waterfalls, I'm jumping from mission to mission and lying silently, when the rest of the householders sleep well.

- Anthem could have been so good ... - I think, flying with a blush over a beautiful chasm.

Piloting a massive exoskeleton is fun in itself. Neither Destiny nor the Division more has an equally satisfying way of mixing. I fly right over the river bed, and the particles of water cool the jet engine of a steel beast. Thanks to this I do not have to take breaks, rushing ahead like a fighter. The river suddenly turns into a lake, and on the horizon there are big, epic ruins. Discovering this place you feel like a cosmic pioneer, Iron Man and a defender of humanity in one.

In this short moment, in these 45 seconds of flight, Anthem is fucking 10 out of 10.

Immediately afterwards, it turns out that the story mission is based on exactly the same as the previous two. First, I am looking for item A and activating it. A circle appears on the ground, within which I have to stand when something "calibrates" or "information is collected". At this time, waves of enemies attack me, which I methodically repel. Now you only have to kill the survivors. End? Where else! The same sequence still awaits me, but with the objects B and C.

Anthem is not a game in the traditional sense. This looter shooter is a puzzle that does not really fit together. Feel how in BioWare individual teams worked on the elements of the game in isolation. One team took a pilot. Second special skills. You need firearm mechanics and the fourth is digits and loot. The problem is that most of the time none of these teams cooperated with each other.

In this way, Frankenstein's hastily stuck monster was created. BioWare thought that it would be able to significantly improve the game after the premiere. The last two months prove, however, that the studio has miscalculated its capabilities. By creating Anthem on shaky foundations, the repair of such a project seems to be beyond their strength. BioWare simply does not have the skills to create a good shooter looter. That is the truth and it is difficult to question it. Developers failed not only as a cRPG legend, but also as an ordinary development studio.

I wonder what will happen to BioWare. It's too big to sink.

EA is not afraid to close these studios, which do not bring about adequate profits. The trick is that BioWare delivers great results. Although Anthem is an image disaster, financially the project has earned quite a lot. Despite the critical reviews Anthem was the most important premiere of February, quickly disappearing from the store shelves. In terms of copies sold, the looter shooter is the second best release of BioWare, right after Mass Effect 3. For this reason, it is difficult to suppose that BioWare will be solved. Studio counts a slip-up, but still earns considerable sums for EA.

That's why I'm wondering what's next. BioWare took water on the mouth, suspending the Anthem development road map. The studio has stopped communicating with fans, taking the attitude of an offended victim. Only one large mission has been added since the game's launch. Each new update spoils the next elements of the game, ridiculing BioWare skills. For example, the last series of corrections meant that some of the powerful opponents lost their prizes. As far as my memory is correct, there has not been ANY ONE yet fully successful update.

BioWare came out on the bums. Do not be afraid of this term. The creators have devoted seven years to a project that needs several more months of intense work to give players something meaningful to offer. The myth of this studio is falling like a house of cards. Despite this, a significant part of BioWare is already working on Dragon Age 4, abandoning Anthem and its fans. It is a pity, because this project was based on trust in a special way. Fans believed BioWare at the word that their new IP will be a breakthrough.

Now they are left to break the record, out of anger or regret. Not in relation to the game, but to the wasted potential. Taking another flight over the valley overgrown with exotic trees, I have no doubt that this game could have been great.

I have a habit: I fire Anthem, I fly with my breath and I cry over how good this game could be

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