I decided to only eat powdered milk - a monthly test of "eating the future"

Red pill - ground. Green - pork chop. Yellow - burger with perfectly crispy bacon. Well, it probably is not. I decided to check if it could survive on powdered food for 30 days.

Let's fix one thing at the outset: The Flintstones are better than the Jetsons. But the latter are also quite good. And what the cartoon authors portray as a distant future, today in many cases is already a standard. Now, food powder is becoming something normal. Maybe not in the formula of colored tablets, but close.

This is my guest appearances at Spider's Web, so let's get to know each other, if we are to spend a month together. I am Patrick. I am 31 years old, I am a journalist of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. Due to my work I often go to meetings in pubs, lunches, conferences with a Swedish table. Much less often to the gym (maybe that's why the ladies from the reception ask me if I'm the first time). I weigh 103 kg at 186 cm tall. And as a 31-year-old I am healthy. Here is the proof:

When I read about powder food for the first time, I thought - wow, interesting. Many of us remember from student times trying to survive on instant soups interspersed with sausages, but that was a necessity. Powdered food is a choice, however.

Of course, somewhere in the back of the head there was the idea that maybe it would be possible to lose weight. After all, eating something that does not encourage consumption and the ability to determine the exact number of calories should promote weight loss. However, I quickly realized that you can slim down in a much more pleasant way.

Why to chew the powder if you can order a box diet for example? Only that "boxes" are something obvious. Simple rule - cheat less, you will weigh less (and then go back to food more, complain about the yo-yo effect, order more "boxes" and so on forever). Eating extremely processed food (because no one will tell me that the dust that is flooded with water or milk is not processed) is something much more.

This is a question about the future. Will soon be food only pleasure? Will going to a burger be entertainment, which can be compared to going to the theater? Does sitting down in the evening with a girlfriend or wife for a romantic dinner by candlelight, will both people just drink the Sheikh?

I will eat powder food for a month because I want to feel like Jetsons.

So when someone asks me why I do not want to eat traditional food for a month, but pour in powder with milk, I answer: I want to feel like the Jetsons. I want to see if something that is my test today will be our standard of living tomorrow. Or maybe it's just a fashion?

I chose a powder named Huel (the manufacturer explains that the name comes from "human fuel"). Why this one? Because it is currently promoted the most in social media, the most popular one. Here is an important caveat: the test is un-sponsored. I bought more than 14 kg of my own money (PLN 740 for a product that should last for 30 days).

Huel nothing - until reading this text - does not know that I will test their product. And what is this product at all? If you believe the producer - "easy to prepare full-value food, which contains all the essential amino acids, fatty acids, fiber, phytonutrients and at least 100 percent. daily dose of 26 essential vitamins and minerals recommended by the European Union. " Translate from the corporate language to Polish: a full meal (not so-called gainer), but in powder, which should be poured with water or milk. Such improved porridge.

In short: day after day, for the next 30 days, I will drink sheiks.

Four times a day, after 600 calories, or a total of 2,400 calories a day. If I was hungry, I will increase the dose to 2700 calories - but apparently a lot of fiber does its job and man feels full. In addition, only coffee, tea (without sugar), water and occasionally Cola Zero.

Of course, I have a lot of questions in my head. Starting from the most important one, i.e. I can stand 30 days without standard food. Will I not want to grab two when I pass a bowl of chips? When my friends come to the match, will not I miss beer and sticks? For those more prosaic, i.e. will I, for example, not go out of the meeting for need?

And finally: how does this whole Huel taste? If you believe the producer - great. But what should he say? Would anyone buy this product if its creator himself admitted that it was a disgust?

The internet is full of reviews. Probably 90 percent of them is sponsored, because it follows from them that nothing better has been invented by humanity. So if I die during tests, bury me as befits a bold mythical collector. In a few days I am back with the first report, after the first few days of eating powdered food.

Patryk Słowik

When I was a kid, I spent hours in the newspapers about computer games. From 'Secret Service', through 'The World of Computer Games', to my beloved and prematurely 'Reset'. I liked the reviews of bad games the most. I admired the maliciousness of the reviewers.

After many years, I was left alone. In "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna", I review books and write about business law and the health care system. Without false modesty, perhaps with a good effect.

I can not live without a smartphone. I will not go to any pub until I check the average Google rating. Unfortunately, more and more often I catch myself reaching for the phone when I do not need it at all.

I decided to only eat powdered milk - a monthly test of "eating the future"


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