I could not find a reason for the existence of this interception card for a long time. AverMedia Live Gamer MINI - Review

After the popular interceptor card producer released two powerful beasts - Live Gamer ULTRA and Live 4K Gambler - nobody expected the next product to go in the opposite direction. AverMedia Live Gamer MINI is the smallest, much weaker and almost the cheapest product on the AM offer. I wondered for a long time what he was actually up to.

The external Live Gamer MINI card costs about PLN 550, allowing you to record images at a maximum resolution of 1080p in 60 frames per second. Cheaper by PLN 200 Gamer Portable Lite from the same company does exactly the same, but in 30 frames per second. In turn, the same price PLN 550. The Live Gamer Portable Extreme also records like MINI, but the image does not undergo instant compression on the fly.

PLN 200 for 30 frames more - this is the basic feature of the AverMedia Live Gamer MINI card.

In this context, two hundred pennies are a lot. Really a lot. Especially considering that by adding another PLN 200, we can buy the top ULTRA variant. Such ultras can cope with 4K resolution in 60 frames, registering and compressing HDR images. With AverMedia's entire offer in mind, I could not understand for a long time whether these additional 30 frames in FHD really are worth Zygmunt Pierwszy Starego. Since someone is limited to 1080p, image quality is not a priority for him. Why should the key clique be so key? It does not make sense.

It was only after a few days of alternate use of the MINI, EXTREME 2 and ULTRA devices that I got the sense of the existence of the latest AverMedia card. Its raison d'être does not boil down to registering and then uploading video material. This is the case of the previously mentioned Live Gamer Ultra , which allows viewers to enjoy sharp, detailed 4K images and high contrast. However, MINI's mission is completely different.

AverMedia Live MINI Gamer is not from recording. This is a card for streaming live content.

In contrast to the much older, cheaper Lite model, the Live Gamer MINI got the latest AverMedia system support. This means full integration with the RECentral program in a rich, fourth version. Added to this is compatibility not only with Windows, but also with MacOS. In the past you could have dreamed about it. On both systems, we will take advantage of the UVC technology that ensures the standardization of Windows and Mac video drivers. In addition, the built-in H.264 decoder, which relieves the CPU and allows you to stream video even on older, weaker machines with a small disk capacity.

The decoded image recorded by MINI is unlikely to be brilliant on YouTube. However, the bandwidth of the Live Gamer data is several times higher than the standard values ​​on the Twitch platform. Where the image is broadcast live and is never as perfect as the connoisseurs would like, the MINI compression capabilities will be all too useful.

In contrast to the cheaper Lite, AverMedia Live Gamer MINI is 100% immune-resistant. Do you want to let go in the world, how do you beat your friend in Mortal Kombat 11? All you need to do is connect your device to a clamshell MacBook, and then start streaming from the level of a dedicated program. The same task will be handled by a laptop with a few years of Windows and a communion computer. MINI is to be handy, light and easy to use. You are connecting. You fire up. Ready. You do not even need to record on the video disc that you're sending into the world.

Twitch? But when I prefer YouTube ...

However, being on the disk, the MINI has a very interesting feature that is missing for the older and cheaper Lite. AverMedia Stream Engine is a card side feature that turns a cached stream into a ... high quality offline clip that can later be shared on YouTube. Such an operation can be performed at any time, and the quality of the saved video will always be higher than what was displayed on the Twitch player. A great addition.

However, the question arises whether all these facilities, facilities and improvements are worth an additional PLN 200. AverMedia significantly increases the price of the cheapest device in a modern portfolio. Players have the full right to shoot on the noses. The company is raising the price bar by using the position of a strong market player. On the other hand, the MINI Live Gamer is a few times more enjoyable than the Lite model. It's not like we get nothing extra for a higher price.

If you run Twitch more often than YouTube, and you would like to broadcast it yourself, AverMedia Live Gamer MINI is a very good startup device. But you must keep in mind that the card was not created to amaze you with graphics in games on PlayStation 5. We are talking about the solution here and now, just in time for the beginning of the adventure with streaming. It is not cheap, but the solution from the competitive Elgato with the same parameters turns out to be even more expensive.

AverMedia Live Gamer MINI:

  • Maximum Pass-Through resolution: 1080p60
  • Maximum recording resolution: 1080p60
  • Supported resolutions: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p, 480i
  • Recording format: MPEG 4 (H.264 + AAC) + supports hardware coding
  • Dimensions: 100 by 57 by 19 mm
  • Weight: 74.5 g
  • Price: around PLN 550

The biggest advantages:

  • Works with Windows and macOS
  • Idiot-resistant card
  • Great for streaming
  • AverMedia Stream Engine
  • It does not need a powerful PC to work

The biggest drawbacks:

  • AverMedia raises the price bar of the entire product catalog
  • Good card for today, but not for tomorrow
  • No HDMI cabling in the set
  • The old, honest AverMedia Lite is cheaper by PLN 200, and can do a little less.

Well ... nobody said that the streamer's career is cheap fun.

I could not find a reason for the existence of this interception card for a long time. AverMedia Live Gamer MINI - Review


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