I checked YouTube Music. Is it worth paying for the streaming service from Google?

Has become! YouTube Premium subscription, and YouTube Music along with it, went to Poland. Is it worth paying for the new Google streaming service?

Overseas YouTube Premium and YouTube Music services were launched in 2015 , and we have to wait a lot of time until the subscriptions officially go to Poland. Fortunately, this is the end of the wait, and everyone can activate paid YouTube, and with it a new music service - YouTube Music.

You can learn more about YouTube Premium from the article available at this link . In this text, we will focus on YouTube Music, trying to answer the question of whether to pay a subscription for a new website.

YouTube Music in Poland

YouTube Music in Poland - how much does it cost?

For YouTube Music , under which we also receive a subscription on Google Play Music, we will pay PLN 19.99 / month, or PLN 29.99 / month. in a family plan.

YouTube Premium - prices in Poland

Paying up to PLN 23.99 / month. or PLN 35.99 / month. in the family plan, we also get access to YouTube Premium.

YouTube Music - on what devices can you use the service?

The YouTube Music application is available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as well as in the browser. At the moment there are no plans to create a desktop application, and judging from the fact that Google Play Music has never been so far, I would not count on it also for the new service.

YouTube Music in Poland

How does YouTube Music work?

I have been using the new music website for almost a week and I must admit that for now it presents a slightly different philosophy from other websites.

There is no denying that - as for the YouTube website, the greatest strength of YouTube Music is video.

YouTube Music in Poland

In addition to the songs in strictly sound format, we have here a great deal of available video clips, both from the official channels of performers, as well as "wrzutek" by outsiders YouTube users (which - quite rightly - may give rise to some controversy).

If you subscribe to the channel of a contractor on YouTube, it is automatically assigned to our library. In the library, you'll also find playlists created on YouTube, although not every video will be transferred from the movie site to the music - it probably depends on the license agreements.

YouTube Music in Poland

While on YouTube Music, we can create classic libraries full of albums and songs of specific artists, so you can see that the site has not been created for such use - from this is Google Play Music.

YouTube Music is primarily playlists. The honorable middle place on the bottom menu bar is taken by the "Hotlist" button, which is equivalent to the "On time" card on YouTube. In other words, these are the songs that gain the most popularity at the moment.

YouTube Music in Poland

On the home page of the service, you'll find dozens of playlists for every occasion. From "recommended for you" through themed and occasional playlists.

We also have "hits of the day", a review of new products, as well as proposed live performances and music videos from YouTube.

YouTube Music in Poland

At the first launch, YouTube Music will build featured playlists based on our YouTube history. Over time, however, you will learn behavior in the music service, and - like in other websites - we can "improve" the algorithm, telling him which performers are our favorite.

YouTube Music in Poland

We can download and listen to the contents of the library without access to the network.

Of course, YouTube Music also uses the strength of the second most popular search engine in the world, which is YouTube. The intelligent search function allows you to find a song not only after the title or artist, but also after a part of the text. Just enter it in the search field and voila, the song found.

YouTube Music in Poland

We must also admit that a lot of work has been done in adapting the website to Polish realities. There are many compilations with native artists in recommended playlists, similarly as in the "hotlist" performers from Poland perform equally with performers from abroad.

An important piece of information for many may also be the fact that YouTube Music does not provide any exclusive content. As he said in an interview for Polish media T.Jay Fowler, head of the YouTube Music department, the exclusivity of artists in specific websites only serves the interests of these websites, not the consumer's interests - I fully agree with that, so I'm even more happy that YouTube Music does not he resorts to such games. Ultimately, YouTube is the largest platform for independent artists since MySpace and it is this inclusivity that has earned the likes of musicians from around the world.

YouTube Premium in Poland

Is it worth paying for YouTube Music?

If only a new service was available under the subscription, I would say firmly: no, it's not worth it.

After a week of preliminary tests, I do not expect to return to the new Google service in the near future. YouTube Music is a terrible mess.

YouTube Music in Poland

Video from shrubberies is mixed with movies from official channels. The search engine more often suggests unofficial channels than the actual music files. The library is a complete mess, mixing playlists from YouTube with actual music, with those that are related only indirectly to music (for example - all playlists to learn how to play the guitar and equipment reviews have been added to my library).

YouTube Music in Poland

Undoubtedly, the strength of YouTube Music is the strong integration of audio files with video clips, and I also suspect that in the future the service will become a platform for musicians and fans to contact, just as YouTube is used today.

So far, however, this bizarre misz-you have completely failed and if we were to pay only for him, I certainly would not recommend it.

YouTube Music in Poland

However, as part of the subscription we also get access to Google Play Music, which is a more traditional streaming service and offers basically everything that Spotify or Apple Music offers, additionally integrating streaming with the possibility of buying music for ownership.

And of course, using two sites interchangeably is not one of the most convenient experiences, but it is an acceptable compromise and half-measure that you need to reconcile with, until Google expires completely the Play Music ( which is the plan ) and does not combine it with YouTube Music.

I have not convinced YouTube Music. Fortunately, everyone can check the service themselves and form a sentence about it. If we launch the service by the end of May 2019 , the free trial period will last as long as 3 months. This is definitely enough time to thoroughly test YouTube Music, and also for the service itself, enough time to get a little bumpy and fix some problems.

I checked YouTube Music. Is it worth paying for the streaming service from Google?


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