Hey Ubisoft, you re making a gigantic mistake, forcing me to look for 7 friends for the rally in The Division 2

At any moment in The Division 2, the first rally will appear, requiring activity for high-level players. Twelve agents will participate in one rally, together trying to pass a long, complex mission. The problem is that these eight players must first make an appointment outside the game, because Ubisoft cut out matchmaking. When the house, work and family are on the back, it is mission impossible.

I have been playing The Division 2 constantly since the March premiere of this title. One of the biggest advantages of Ubisoft production is a simple, intuitive, friendly system of missions and tasks. Unlike Cosmic Destiny, I can play any activity in Washington with matchmaking. The system connects me then with nearby players of a similar level, allowing for joint fight with bandits.

Matchmaking in The Division 2 works perfectly.

Players in Europe have no problem to find players willing to play together. Is it the middle of the night or the middle of the day - there will always be someone who will want to restore order in Washington together with me. Regardless of the type of mission or the level of its difficulty. Thanks to that I do not have to play solo. In a team of four, it is always brighter.

What's great, matchmaking included ALL leading activities in The Division 2: main missions, exploration of the open world, darkness zone, hunting and PvP module. Thanks to such a solution the The Division 2 holder will always come across someone to help. Whether it's a tedious plot mission or a hunt for other players. I never have to wait more than a few - a dozen or so seconds for those who are willing.

Now it turns out that an 8-person group of friends is required for the rally.

The first rally in The Division 2 requires us to know seven people who will want to play the same game and the same mode at the same time. Matchmaking has been cut out, and the lobby only works on the basis of private invitations to a group of friends or a clan. Either you have seven very available buddies at hand or you do not play at all. This solution has meant that many fans of the Division have been boycotting the Ubisoft product since yesterday.

Of course, there is a way to circumvent this problem. This is the LFG platform, where players are looking for volunteers to play together. Strangers use an external agent to connect to teams and unlock access to new content. Only that the LFG is also a mass of problems. The requirements of some players towards companions are gigantic. Excitement is spreading on the platform. In addition, the LFG forces the user to take an additional initiative that extends beyond the video game itself.

If that were the case, it was possible to introduce such a LFG system directly to the video game ... thanks to it, users could join in groups instantly, on the principle of filters and automation. Wait, that's the solution. It's called matchmaking and it was deliberately removed by Ubisoft.

Matchmaking made The Division 2 a great Destiny for the busy .

Thanks to systemic joining into groups even busy, busy lonely father could play a mission in co-op mode. Such a guy puts the children to sleep, and then sits in front of the TV for an hour. Then, together with strangers, he bounces the bank or rescues the municipal sewage system, of course in the network cooperation mode. Because no one probably has any doubts that it is always better and briskly playing on the team. Even if there are complete strangers in it.

The missions in The Division 2 have a very simple structure. Defend a place, activate the terminal, knock out enemies, defeat the boss - this is how you describe 4/5 of the Ubisoft activity. Only the order of operations changes. This indiscriminate form means that players do not have to communicate by voice. They do not need to determine every detail. They do not have to share roles or rip in time. This is not Destiny, where the actions of three pairs of warriors in three different dimensions coordinated.

For me, the great advantage of The Division 2 is that it's such Destiny for the busy . More forgiving. More casual . Perfect for someone who has no time to play a few hours a day, taking part in guild rebates. Work, home, family - at some point the prose of life makes the time budget shrink more than you would like. Love for cooperative games, however, remains. The Division 2 fits perfectly in this place, being such a looter shooter for daddies, without all this twitch cover.

Hey Ubisoft, you're making a big mistake.

The creators of the second division must be aware of who the majority of their clients are. These are not hardcore players who can spend several hours a day hunting Gjallarhorn. There are a handful of such enthusiasts in the entire Division community. However, it was for this handful that Ubisoft prepared the first rally, leaving everyone else behind the closed door. This is the first such a big mistake and so much misunderstanding between the community and creators.

So far, The Division 2 producers communicated with fans in an exemplary way. They perfectly understood their needs and implemented them quite successfully. Thanks to conversations of players and creators, some great changes have been made. That is why I am surprised that Ubisoft has been so deaf to the despair and lament of the community for several days. This one for the most part does not leave a dry thread on the lack of matchmaking. I'm not surprised at them. At the moment Ubisoft is doing well to a few percent of players, sticking out on all the others.

Hey Ubisoft, you're making a gigantic mistake, forcing me to look for 7 friends for the rally in The Division 2


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