Here is Minecraft Earth

Build what you want. Put it where you want it. Change the real world into a world full of square products and creatures. Minecraft Earth promises to be an extensive, high-quality, ambitious mobile game that uses augmented reality. The design looks much better than I thought.

For several days the editorial team of Spider 'Web has been in possession of information about Microsoft's secret project, which will compete with Pokemon GO. I must admit that when I first learned about Minecraft Earth, I was not bought. Another geolocation game would have to be really great to threaten the Japanese creatures caught in the field. Well, somehow Minecraft Earth promises to be in such a great production.

Minecraft Earth combines the creative passion of players with a real, not so square world

You leave the city and run Minecraft Earth. The AR overlay imposed on the world registered by the smartphone engine shows the constructions that other players put in the real world. Going along the street you encounter raw materials that you can pick up and creations that you can download to the application's memory. The real purpose of exploration, however, is to discover the place of Adventures.

Adventure turns the nearest area around the player into the world of Minecraft. The pavement is now a cube floor. The meadow is brown earth covered with green pixels from the top. The square surrounding is suitable for destruction. It can also be built in it. When digging in the ground, we find coal or diamonds. Cutting square trees, we get wood. The adventure consists in carrying out a specific challenge, which will vary depending on where and when we are. As a reward, we will receive unique elements of varying degrees of rarity, which we will use to create our own constructions.

Adventures will take into account the real surroundings around the player. For example, being near the water reservoir Minecraft Earth will allow us to fish for fishing. In the forest we will cut off more trees. In the city you will find interesting treasures and constructions of other players.

Minecraft Earth will use the Xbox Live infrastructure

Each active player will have to log in using a Microsoft account. In this way, the company wants to fight against fraud and inappropriate content created by users. When your production is one big creator, you have to take into account the negative consequences of your clients' fantasies. Nintendo has recently been painfully convinced of it .

Microsoft is not yet ready to talk about how he wants to make money on Minecraft Earth. It is only known that the production is to be deprived of the most subtle micro-transactional operations, such as boxes with random contents or objects that give a real advantage over other players. We also know that Minecraft Earth is a Free2Play game that will run on both iOS and Android.

Here is Minecraft Earth


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