Hello, Bill Gates? In my Windows there is a Linux kernel, please do something about it

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This is the moment in which Microsoft psychophiles will be exposed to the biggest of rehearsals. The future version of Windows will contain the Linux kernel outside of its own. For programmers and admins to live even simpler.

For some time, Windows 10 users can use native Linux tools thanks to the so-called Windows for Linux subsystem (WSL). The Microsoft operating system provides a runtime environment for Linux distributions that you can install from the Microsoft Store.

The motivation for creating this mechanism were programmers and administrators who work on heterogeneous environments. And for which running two systems in parallel - on two different computers or through virtualization - was uncomfortable and inefficient. One system is enough - Windows 10 - to program on or with Windows and Linux devices.

The Windows subsystem for Linux goes a step further. Microsoft creates its own Linux kernel.

We have mentioned the refreshing of this mechanism yesterday , but now we get to know more technical details. WSL is to stop relying solely on emulation. Microsoft created the original version of the Linux kernel for this service (the source code will be made available) in version 4.19, so in the same one that can be used in the Azure cloud. This kernel will be updated by Windows Update at the same speed as that of the LTS branch. It will also be able to compile your own kernel and substitution of this microsoft.

The abandonment of the native emulation mechanism developed jointly with Canonical has ensured that the entire mechanism is likely to significantly increase performance, in particular for read and write data to mass storage. WSL will also support the Docker container mechanism due to this change, thus removing another reason for using non-optimal virtual machines.

WSL 2.0, because the whole initiative is officially called, is expected to appear in the production version of Windows 10 19H2, whose premiere is expected around October. It is also to be expected that soon it will go to the Windows Insider channel, and thus the public beta channel of future versions of Windows 10.

Hello, Bill Gates? In my Windows there is a Linux kernel, please do something about it


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