He has started the 9th season of Fortnite. The leitmotif is the future and sci-fi, and many new products await players

The volcano, which grew in the eighth season of the game, erupted. Heroes fleeing the hot lava and suffocating dust have taken refuge in the bunkers. After many years, underground heroes go out to the surface, where a new and wonderful world awaits them. This is how the 9th Fortnite season begins.

The leitmotif of the ninth Fortnite season is the future and the atmosphere of sci-fi. The new skins resemble mechs, battle robots, futuristic armor and space suits. In the big arena for 100 players, a city of the future has emerged that is associated with the sci-fi classics of the last century. In new areas, almost everything is now glowing, neon and modern. Fans of the destroyed Tilted Towers should be delighted.

The ninth season of Fortnite brings new innovations to the game.

Positively rated ropes with winch have been converted into air corridors, which players move quickly. Of course, you do not need a paraglider. What is infernally interesting, not only the players' forms but also the vehicles and ... missiles can move in such air corridors. A rocket sent to the other end of the map, with heartfelt greetings from the first end? Now it's possible.

Another interesting novelty are Fortbits - collectables that are acquired during map exploration, the implementation of challenges and solving simple puzzles. With the help of Fortbajtów, a special board is found on the menu that holds the biggest secret of season 9. What is it? Knowing the involved Fortnite fans, we will find out soon.

The ninth season of Fortnite is also a series of minor novelties and corrections.

The game in the Nintendo Switch version is supposed to run smoother while displaying a large number of players on the screen. A new type of combat rifle hit the game. There are 100 new levels and 100 new prizes waiting for Battle Pass holders. The reliability of spatial sound of the moving figures inside the buildings has been improved, and the ability to report players from the viewer level has been added.

A full list of all changes made with the 9.0.0 update. you will find in this place . The ninth season of Fortnite is active from today (May 2, 2019), from 10:00 am European time. Upgrading to the Nintendo Switch was just begun. See you on the server.

He has started the 9th season of Fortnite. The leitmotif is the future and sci-fi, and many new products await players


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