He died one of the largest phenomena of the Internet. Grumpy Cat is dead

[ ']. Sleep sweetly with a little angel, the internet will never forget about you. You will live forever in our hearts and our memes.

It's a sad day for the internet. The day we say goodbye to the heroine ... no, the real kerin of the meme world. On May 17, she died the Internet's favorite, a style icon, the most furry influencer in the history of the network. Grumpy Cat.


Grieving, the Internet sadly says goodbye to Grampy Cat

The famous Grumpy Cat, or rather Tardar Sauce (for friends Tard), because it was really called, she left us at the age of 7. Her family informs about the unhappy crowd of fans using social media. The cat's death was caused by infection of the urinary tract.

Grumpy Cat's life changed on September 23, 2012, when she appeared for the first time in a post on Reddit. The " Meet Grumpy Cat " thread immediately conquered the hearts of Internet users. The distinctive bent snout, colorful coat and iconic eye shape meant that it was impossible to feel at the sight of the creature, which so perfectly reflects the feelings of everyone getting up on Monday morning to work. She was the embodiment of our feelings, thoughts and unverified curses.

She quickly became the protagonist of countless memes, and her career progressed dizzyingly.

Grumpy Cat also had a pretty good head for business

Grumpy could have envied many influencers from the endangered species of homo sapiens. She had 1.5 million followers on Twitter , 2.5 million on Instagram and 8.3 million on Facebook . She also appeared in many American programs, gave interviews, wrote a book, and even had a perfume with her portrait and name. In her official store you can find everything from mugs, through t-shirts. It quickly became a brand and a very valuable brand. Unfortunately, death closes her career in this field of tears.

It is not known which of the 9 lives Grump Cat has just used, we all hope that it's only the first. We can inform you about potential reincarnation. May the kingdom of eternal hunting abound in mice and cans of tuna.

He died one of the largest phenomena of the Internet. Grumpy Cat is dead


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